BastionRP Rules
    Version 0.6 | Last updated 8/6/2020

    The BastionRP rules are not static. While we will do our best to write rules that ensure ensure a consistent and consistently fun gameplay experience, the fact of the matter is that the rules are subject to change as the community grows and evolves. Not being aware of a recent rules update is not an excuse to break the rules. We recommend taking a frequent look at them in order to refresh yourself, as well as note any changes.


  • 0 | Forum & Discord Rules


    0.1 - Flame, or participate in the flaming or harassment of other members on forum threads or profiles. Similarly, flamebait will not be tolerated.

    0.2 - Discriminate against another user, especially regarding their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, age, political views, or disability.

    0.3 - Leak personal or identifying information belonging to another user without their permission.

    0.4 - Leak content from private boards, including private group boards, or sensitive Staff content.

    0.5 - Advertise other communities. Exemptions may be granted to this rule on a case-by-case basis.

    0.6 - Post malicious code, programs, or links.

    0.7 - Post or link to NSFW material.

    0.8 - Create alternate accounts to avoid bans.

    0.9 - Intentionally bypass the word filter.



    0.10 - Use common sense. Do not make irrelevant, unhelpful, or meaningless posts, especially when the potential to derail ongoing or serious discussions is high.

    0.11 - We ask that all users refrain from creating threads, posts, or status messages creating or encouraging drama. If you have a personal issue with another user, use the PM function.

    0.12 - Do not double post; use the “edit post” function if you want to add additional information to your post/thread.

    0.13 - All threads should have descriptive and accurate titles.

    0.14 - Do not spam. This includes spamming PMs, notifications, or votes.

    0.15 - Do not ask to be given credits for your posts. Similarly, do not encourage your friends to give you their credits in order to inflate your total credit value.

    0.16 - Swearing, whilst generally allowed, should still be kept civil, respectful, and non-excessive.

    0.17 - Refrain from posting spoilers of any kind. If posting a spoiler, use the spoiler function. If not immediately obvious, warn users of the potential contents of your spoiler (e.g. the name of the piece of media your spoiler pertains to).

    0.18 - Do not post on a thread older than 1 month unless you have relevant content to add. This is referred to as “necroposting”.



    0.19 - It is frowned upon to bother application reviewers to review your application(s). Please bear in mind that reviewers generally have more responsibilities than only reviewing applications.



    1 | Community Guidelines
    BastionRP is a mature roleplaying community with one goal - provide high quality roleplay. Immaturity is detrimental to that goal, and so we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of internet drama, bullying, harassment, etc. Handle it outside the realm of our services, or be faced with a permanent ban.
    1.1 - Because of the mature content and themes displayed within BastionRP services, BastionRP has an age limit of 16 years or older.

    1.2 - We require our members to be polite and mature, and treat each other with respect while using BastionRP services. Do not insult, provoke, bully, or otherwise harass other members of BastionRP, or demean their viewpoints, opinions and/or ideas while using our services. If you have a problem, take it outside!
    1.3 - Do not spam, excessively self-promote, advertise, share referral codes, exploit bugs, or otherwise disrupt the functionality of BastionRP services.
    1.4 - All content shared through BastionRP services must be Safe For Work. We abide by a strict no-tolerance policy for racial, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive terms while posting on the Forums and on Discord.
    1.5 - Do not impersonate staff members while using BastionRP services.
    1.6 - Do not harbor permanently banned players on BastionRP services. If you come into contact with a permanently banned player, immediately report them to a staff member. Failing to do so may result in your punishment for harboring a permanently banned player.
    1.7 - While playing on the BastionRP game server, your "DayZ In-Game Name" must be set to your forum name.

  • 2 | Fair Play Guidelines
    BastionRP is not your typical survival/PVP server. We expect all of our members to play and roleplay fairly and with the interest of keeping the game fun and interesting for as many parties as possible. We do not tolerate an "us versus them" mentality out-of-character; we expect our players to play and roleplay with fairness and respect for the person on the other end of the screen.
    2.1 - Cheating, hacking, or otherwise tampering on the BastionRP servers, or any DayZ server, will result in an immediate and permanent ban from BastionRP services.
    2.2 - You may not exploit bugs or gameplay mechanics for any reason. Examples would be loot cycling, placing objects (such as storage containers) inside normally impossible-to-reach areas, or placing and using an object that would normally be destructible in real life, such as a tent, as an indestructible cover object.
    2.3 - Remember that this is a game. Don't be a bad sport - repeatedly killing the same people over and over again just because you can and without any roleplay reasoning, or otherwise destroying the gameplay experience for other players. Similarly, don't be a sore loser - holding a grudge or being upset about lost items, lost characters, etc.

  • 3 | Roleplay
    Roleplay is the embodiment of a fictional character that you have created and, through the embodiment of that character, collaboratively creating stories with other players and their characters. We use the term "In-Character (IC)" to describe information and events that happen in-game, from the character's point of view, and the term "Out-of-Character (OOC)" to describe information and events in the real world, outside of the game.
    Roleplay is our priority here at BastionRP, and we expect our members to hold the same priority. The objective is for everyone to have fun, regardless of their preferred type of role play or the nature of their character. Do not discriminate other players based on their preferred playstyle, previous characters that they have played, or their OOC reputation.
    3.1 - While on the BastionRP game servers, you must roleplay your character at all times. Do not ignore other players attempting to roleplay with you.

    3.2 - You may not go "OOC" - Out of Character - while in-game, over voice communications. In an emergency situation, you may use the "OOC" prefix. For example - "OOC AFK 3 minutes". OOC is not meant for discussions of any kind. For example, "OOC did you see that new John Wick though?" is not allowed while in-game.
    3.3 - You must, at all times, value the life and general well-being of your character. Do not place yourself into immediately fatal yet easily avoidable scenarios. Examples include: trying to win an open gunfight while being heavily outnumbered, excessively insulting your captors, attempting supreme feats of athleticism with a great risk of death when there is no need, etc.
    3.4 - You may not act in a trollish manner while in roleplay. Examples include: using Twitch memes or other internet gags excessively in roleplay, running around in circles for no reason, etc. Think about how you would act or speak in public in real life, and try not to deviate too heavily from that.
    3.5 - When using OOC communications, such as Discord or TeamSpeak, while in an active situation (including firefights), you must "double-mic", or say everything you are saying through OOC communications in VOIP.
    3.6 - You may not metagame - that is, use information obtained in an OOC manner, in-character. An example of this would be acting on information about a base or stash that you obtained through a Twitch stream, Discord chat, TeamSpeak channel, or on the forums.
    3.7 - You may not powergame - that is, force an action, reaction, thought, or other character attribute on another character without their written consent. For example, emoting scarring someone without their consent via the text chat. This also applies to forcing long-term in-game effects (aka Kuru, via force-feeding someone human flesh).

    3.8 - If your character is killed but is not permadeathed, you are expected to use NLR (New Life Rule). Upon respawning, the events that led up to your death, including the person/people responsible for your death, are not remembered. Going back to an active roleplay situation/your body is not permitted.

  • 4 | Hostilities
    Hostilities are interactions where the lives, well-being, or property of you or those close to you are being threatened. Hostile actions are complicated; making sure that hostilities come off as roleplay-enriching instead of detrimental and mean-spirited should be the top priority of anyone seeking to engage in this type of behavior.
    4.1 - Kill on Sight, or KoS, is strictly prohibited. Player interaction of some form must occur before hostilities of any kind are exchanged.
    4.2 - Kill without Reason, or KWR, is strictly prohibited. Killing another player should always be warranted by a previous initiation of a hostile action of some kind.
    4.3 - An initiation of a hostile action can be anything clearly threatening to someone's life, well-being, or private property. Use common sense - if you would feel threatened by if said to you in real life, it's highly likely it can be interpreted as an initiation. An initiation of a hostile action gives the party on the receiving end of the initiation (the defending party) the right to defend themselves with lethal force. Just remember, the roleplay always comes first.
    • "Put your hands up", "Don't move", "Follow me", expressed in a threatening manner, can all be interpreted as an initiation.
    • Pointing a weapon, punching someone or hitting them with a melee weapon, tying someone up, restricting their movement (crowding around someone or locking the door behind them), or otherwise incapacitating them can all be seen as an initiation.
    • Assisting or participating with someone else's initiation in any way, such as providing clear overwatch or restraining someone, will be considered as an initiation in it's own right. Anyone who wishes not to be associated with an initiation should immediately leave the scene of the initiation.
    • Theft and vandalism are both initiations.
    • Warning shots are not allowed and do not classify as an initiation.

    4.4 - While initiations are broad and give the defending party the ability to defend themselves, the initiating party must provide a clear and unambiguous initiation in order to gain the right to use lethal force on the defending party. Clear and unambiguous initiations are initiations that include a demand and a consequence if that demand is not met within a reasonable amount of time.

    • "Stop and give me your credits or I'll shoot!" is an example of a clear and unambiguous initiation. Both the initiating party and the defending party have rights to use lethal force.
    • "Give me your credits!" is an example of an initiation that would give the defending party rights to use lethal force, but not the initiating party. There is no consequence.

    4.5 - In the event that potentially lethal force is exchanged (a firefight or melee with the intent to kill), everyone associated with the initial initiation (classified as within VOIP range while within the Bastion and within line of sight outside the Bastion) will have 30 minutes of kill rights if the hostile exchange happens inside the walls and 1 hour if outside the walls. This timer is reset every time potentially lethal force is exchanged again. However, characters not associated with the initial initiation must be initiated upon in order to gain kill rights. After the 30 minute or 1 hour timer is up, re-initiation is required.

    4.6 If hostilities are initiated and no potentially lethal force has been exchanged between the initiating party and the defending party at the conclusion of a situation, all rights to use lethal force are reset. This means that if you are initiated on and you walk away without using your rights to lethal force, you lose those rights.

    4.7 - Rights to lethal force does not give you explicit permission to use them at all times if it does not make in-character sense to do so.

    4.8 - In the event that an initiation of a hostile action leads to you capturing and restraining another person, be it physically or through the threat of violence, that person has become your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep them alive and in relatively good health, including protecting them from external; threats, feeding them, and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released, within the best of your ability.

    4.9 - Hostages can only be executed in the following scenarios:

    • Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests, or they attempt escape.
    • Hostages pose a direct and immediate threat to you or the rest of your initiating party - for example, if they pick up a weapon when not told to do so.
    • Hostages do not value their life - for example, if they repeatedly talk back to you or insult you despite being told to stop.
    • The hostages' allies refuse to negotiate, refuse to comply with (reasonable) demands, or openly retaliate on you or the initiating party.
    • A pre-approved execution for the sake of RP and with the intent to permadeath. See 5.2 for details.

    4.10 - A reasonable standard of RP must be upheld in all hostile situations. Do not perform quick, run-of-the-mill robberies that involve little to no interaction with your victim. This works both ways - as a victim, you must participate in the RP with the initiating party, and act with value for your life.

    4.11 - Combat logging/respawning, or logging out/respawning to avoid the consequences of someone else's rights to lethal force on your character, is strictly prohibited. After a situation involving lethal force has ended, you must remain in-game for at least 20 minutes afterwards. This rule can be ignored if the players involved in a situation give you permission to log out beforehand.

    4.12 Baiting, or attempting to blatantly provoke another player into initiating on you, is strictly prohibited.

    4.13 - The ISF FOB (SEC-0) cannot be entered or attacked by non-ISF characters except in direct retaliation to an initiation by the ISF against you or an ally.


  • 5 | Permanent Deaths & Executions
    We believe that permanent character death/character kill (PK) should not just be encouraged in order to keep stories moving forward, but mandated (in some cases) where it makes roleplay sense to do so.

    5.1 - Permanent character death can be self-administered at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all, by the character's owner in the Character CP.

    5.2 - Permanent character death is mandated under certain scenarios:
    • RPed out suicide, or suicide in a public area
    • Deaths that are classified as No Value For Life
    • Executions

    There are two types of permanent kills that a player can request against another character - Proactive PKs and Reactive PKs.

    5.3 - Proactive PKs are submitted and approved before a hostile situation that would end in the death of a character. These PKs are submitted in cases where it makes sense to kill another player's character for the sake of advancing the greater narrative of the community, and all other avenues of roleplay to solve a dispute have been exhausted.

    • 5.3.1 - In order for staff to approve a Proactive PK application, a player must explain the current roleplay situation as well as their reasoning for requesting a PK. Additionally, they must submit ample video/screenshot evidence that enough roleplay history has been generated, as well as evidence that other avenues to resolve the conflict have been exhausted. PK applications are approved or denied based purely on staff discretion, based on the provided evidence.
    • 5.3.2 Upon approval of the Proactive PK application, a player must either capture and execute the approved character or kill the approved character in a firefight in order for the PK to be valid. Staff should be notified in the same application that the death of either themselves or the approved character has taken place.
    • 5.3.3 - A Proactive PK works both ways. Upon approval of a Proactive PK application, the character that has been approved for PK also unwittingly gains PK rights on the character of the submitter of the PK application.

    5.4 - Reactive PKs are submitted and approved after a hostile situation that has ended in the death of a character. These PKs are used usually in the case of a hostage that has gotten themselves killed due to their own actions, or in other niche scenarios in which a Reactive PK would make sense for the greater narrative of the community.

    • 5.4.1 - Reactive PKs must be submitted within 2 hours of the time of the death of the character that they wish to PK in order to be considered.
    • 5.4.2 - In order for staff to approve a Reactive PK application, a player must explain the roleplay situation that ended in the death of the character they wish to PK, as well as submit video evidence that the situation necessitates a PK. PK applications are approved or denied based purely on staff discretion, based on the provided evidence.
    • 5.4.3 Upon approval of the Reactive PK application, the approved character will be PKed immediately.

    5.5 - PKs can be appealed up to one week after being PKed. The recipient of the PK must submit evidence that their character was wrongfully or prematurely PKed. PK appeals are approved or denied based purely on staff discretion, based on the provided evidence.


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