BastionRP Rules
    Version 0.7 | Last updated 10/9/2020

    The BastionRP rules are not static. While we will do our best to write rules that ensure a consistent and consistently fun gameplay experience, the fact of the matter is that the rules are subject to change as the community grows and evolves. We will notify players via a forum announcement of any changes, so not being aware of a recent rules update is not an excuse to break the rules. We recommend taking a frequent look at them in order to refresh yourself, as well as note any changes.

    The terms out-of-character (OOC) and in-character (IC) are used throughout our rules to differentiate between real life information and content outside the game (OOC), and content and information perceived from the point-of-view of your character within the game (IC).


  • 1 | Community Guidelines
  • 2 | Fair Play
  • 3 | Roleplay
  • 4 | Hostilities
  • 5 | Permanent Deaths & Executions
  • 6 | ISF-Specific Rules
  • 7 | Character Rules
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