• BastionRP Rules
    Version 0.3 | Last updated 6/29/2020

    The BastionRP rules are not static. While we will do our best to write rules that ensure ensure a consistent and consistently fun gameplay experience, the fact of the matter is that the rules are subject to change as the community grows and evolves. We will notify players via a forum announcement of any changes, so not being aware of a recent rules update is not an excuse to break the rules. We recommend taking a frequent look at them in order to refresh yourself, as well as note any changes.

  • 0 | Definitions
    KOS - Kill On Sight.
    1 | Community Guidelines
    BastionRP is a mature roleplaying community with one goal - provide high quality roleplay. Immaturity is detrimental to that goal, and so we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of internet drama, bullying, harassment, etc. Handle it outside the realm of our services, or be faced with a permanent ban.
    1.1 - Because of the mature content and themes displayed within BastionRP services, BastionRP has an age limit of 16 years or older.

    1.2 - We require our members to be polite and mature, and treat each other with respect while using BastionRP services. Do not insult, provoke, bully, or otherwise harass other members of BastionRP, or demean their viewpoints, opinions and/or ideas while using our services. If you have a problem, take it outside!
    1.3 - Do not spam, excessively self-promote, advertise, share referral codes, exploit bugs, or otherwise disrupt the functionality of BastionRP services.
    1.4 - All content shared through BastionRP services must be Safe For Work. We abide by a strict no-tolerance policy for racial, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive terms while posting on the Forums and on Discord.
    1.5 - Do not impersonate staff members while using BastionRP services.
    1.6 - Do not harbor permanently banned players on BastionRP services. If you come into contact with a permanently banned player, immediately report them to a staff member. Failing to do so may result in your punishment for harboring a permanently banned player.

  • 2 | Fair Play Guidelines
    BastionRP is not your typical survival/PVP server. We expect all of our members to play and roleplay fairly and with the interest of keeping the game fun and interesting for as many parties as possible. We do not tolerate an "us versus them" mentality out-of-character; we expect our players to play and roleplay with fairness and respect for the person on the other end of the screen.
    2.1 - Cheating, hacking, or otherwise tampering on the BastionRP servers, or any DayZ server, will result in an immediate and permanent ban from BastionRP services.
    2.2 - You may not exploit bugs or gameplay mechanics for any reason. Examples would be loot cycling, placing objects (such as storage containers) inside normally impossible-to-reach areas, or placing and using an object that would normally be destructible in real life, such as a tent, as an indestructible cover object.
    2.3 - Remember that this is a game. Don't be a bad sport - repeatedly killing the same people over and over again just because you can and without any roleplay reasoning, or otherwise destroying the gameplay experience for other players. Similarly, don't be a sore loser - holding a grudge or being upset about lost items, lost characters, etc.

  • 3 | Roleplay Guidelines
    BastionRP puts roleplay first, always. We relaxed many rules when compared to typical roleplay servers (such as KOS/RDM rules) in order to provide a more authentic and immersive gameplay and roleplay experience. We did this with the expectation that our community members would not abuse them. Always play with your character in mind, not PVP or your gear.
    3.1 - While on the BastionRP game servers, you must roleplay your character at all times. Do not ignore other players attempting to roleplay with you.

    3.2 - You may not go "OOC" - Out of Character - while in-game, over voice communications. In an emergency situation, you may use the "OOC" prefix. For example - "OOC AFK 3 minutes". OOC is not meant for discussions of any kind. For example, "OOC did you see that new John Wick though?" is not allowed while in-game.
    3.3 - You must, at all times, value the life and general well-being of your character. Do not place yourself into immediately fatal yet easily avoidable scenarios. Examples include: trying to win an open gunfight while being heavily outnumbered, excessively insulting your captors, attempting supreme feats of athleticism with a great risk of death when there is no need, etc.
    3.4 - You may not act in a trollish manner while in roleplay. Examples include: using Twitch memes or other internet gags excessively in roleplay, running around in circles for no reason, etc. Think about how you would act or speak in public in real life, and try not to deviate too heavily from that.
    3.5 - You may use OOC communications (TeamSpeak, Discord) while not in an immediate roleplay scenario - however, the roleplay comes first and always. Mute or disconnect from OOC communications while in an active roleplay scenario.
    3.6 - You may not metagame - that is, use information obtained in an OOC manner, in-character. An example of this would be acting on information about a base or stash that you obtained through a Twitch stream, Discord chat, TeamSpeak channel, or on the forums.
    3.7 - You may not powergame - that is, force an action, reaction, thought, or other character attribute on another character without their written consent. For example, emoting scarring someone without their consent via the text chat.
    3.8 - We do not have any rules pertaining to KoS or RDM. However, you should be prepared to accept the IC consequences for killing other players, especially within the city's walls. Abuse of this rule (particularly in conjunction with rules 2.3 and 3.3) will not be tolerated. This rule is in place to avoid the need for "initiations" and the subsequent ruleplay that derives from it.
    3.9 - In order to maintain realism, permanent death is something you will encounter inside BastionRP. In order for a character to be permadeathed, all criteria below must be met:
    • Your character must have a valid in-character reason to kill another character. This reason must also serve a substantial purpose; simply not liking someone or "getting rid of" them is not enough.
    • The situation the permadeath arises from must be conducted fully within the rules and without ulterior motives, OOC meddling, or usage of temporary/throwaway characters.
    • Another character cannot act on your behalf to permadeath someone else's character.
    • If taken to an appeal, a complete review of the situation will be conducted by multiple members of the administration team before determining it to be valid or invalid.

    "Valid reasoning" can be subjective based upon circumstances and characters involved, so we cannot provide examples of every situation/reason that may result in permadeath. However, we can outline the most common activities that can put your character at risk:
    • Taking part in illegal activities and being executed by ISF forces
    • Being caught reporting crimes to the ISF, or being known to collaborate with the ISF
    • Being a known criminal, or openly opposing yourself to the ISF
    • Directly threatening to kill another character, or being killed whilst attacking someone
    • As a general note of guidance, permadeaths should always be used as a last resort. Always act as your character would (within reason), and remember that all actions have consequences - consider this carefully before doing something risky.

    3.10 - If your character is killed but is not permadeathed, you are expected to use NLR (New Life Rule). Upon respawning, the events that led up to your death are not remembered.