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  1. NikoRP


    This guy fucks


    1. Joe



    2. Wong


      back at it again trying to get creds

  2. Valentina Morretti 03/22/2015 - 10/13/2040
  3. NikoRP

    RP Shoutouts

    Shoutout to everyone who participated in the expedition today on the ISF/OIM side and Cannibal side, shit was actually fun af. @Strider @Wong @ZorullRP @Clumsy @Cipher @Jimmy @Panic @Quill @Jason Kile @DevilBlade @Rajjip @Shortround @tripzkill Also I have never been more on edge ever on DayZ until @Deadplex was screaming in the megaphone the whole fight, that was A quality RP my guy, good shit. I took some pictures.
  4. NikoRP

    Whitelist Closed Temporarily

    All I gotta say is
  5. NikoRP

    RP Shoutouts

    Wanted to do a corny ass shoutout to all the boys real quick. @Dogmeat I avenged you brother, your death wasn't in vain we held that shit and got me out alive. @Jimmy @Shortround @Wong you three came to the school to rescue us like Saving Private Ryan, if it wasn't for you guys I think I would of died. @ZorullRP @AidanVC @Derp @Stes @Evil Morty @Wong We held the fort and dropped more bodies then Benghazi, I commend you all on some real shit. @Strider @ProwleR @Evil Morty you guys
  6. NikoRP

    Loading Screen Snippets Contest [ENTER HERE]

    LORE: China, everyone hates China
  7. Peaches

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    • NikoRP

    yOUR PROFILE  art has inspired me

  8. NikoRP

    Real life picture Thread

    Mexi looking looking like johnny english
  9. ZorullRP

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    Nice 15k profile views 

  10. NikoRP

    Lowering the raid alarm sound

    As many people would agree, I believe that the hacking tool alarm effect needs to be turned down big time. As of right now it's ear piercing when you are trying to get in a building or whatever the case may be or just being in the general area. I believe if it's possible to make it where it's only heard in a close proximity, it would be a lot more tolerable. A thing most people do is turn down the "Effects" slider in audio down, but people like me like being able to hear that stuff when playing. Let me know what you think.
  11. NikoRP


    Just wanted to say great RP to all the ISF I have encountered & all the Slum rats, was fun af today, server is doing great right now 💯

    1. DarkestSkies241


      Ye gonna get boof'd

    2. Zandwalf


      Clapped by that stone knife 0-0

  12. NikoRP


    what a dumb character
  13. NikoRP