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  1. Toxic

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    You could keep the server open and just not develop it further
  2. Toxic

    Playable Guitar mod

    For those of you who like Stalker
  3. Toxic

    Patch Notes | A2.5

    Whoever made the texture for the AK handbook give that man a raise!
  4. Toxic

    Ban Appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: N/A (this is about the 90 day ban overall) Why should our decision be overturned: Its been about a 3rd of my 90 ban at this point and the wait has been absolute torture watching the world go by from the outside. I've definitely learned my lesson about roleplaying in a proper manner to avoid punishments like this again cause it isn't worth causing trouble to the extent I did for myself in so little time. I apologize for not following the rules as they've been laid out and accusing Undead of having it out for me with my encounters with his characters
  5. Toxic

    Add Shemags to the Trader/Vendors

    Nah only select things should be in trader, for example surgical masks definitely should be Fashion accessories like shemaghs and ponchos shouldn't be. Plus Peaches needs good expensive shit to sell
  6. Toxic

    Being creative using the cassette players

    I'm down for that but only business owners should be able to purchase them from OIM and be an ultra rare loot spawn in the world
  7. Toxic

    Lease ......

    Just ask support about it and they'll help you out
  8. Toxic

    Functioning Notebook

    Another mod I saw that looks perfect for the server, lots of roleplay value
  9. Toxic

    Long range Non Lethal dart gun for ISF

    Saw a mod for a long range tranquilizer (literally just a tazer with a bigger clip and way more range) I think it'd be useful for long range non lethal takedowns if ISF wanted to do that. It has a 10 round clip, can attach acog scope and reflex sight, 150m range
  10. Toxic

    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Today is Tuesday Oct 6, not wednesday @Cipher Did you mean today is the last day or tomorrow is the last day?
  11. Toxic

    Toxic appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: I believe the verdict to be extremely harsh for the charges claimed (particularly getting 6 points that never expire, I've never seen that before or knew points like that are given), especially when the guy making the report is not only an admin but also the same guy who's character is affected in game due to my actions in the video he posted. I also suspect that the report itself was made in retaliation for what I did in game against his crew, judging from his words in the report, "I am p
  12. Toxic

    Metagaming information from death

    My pov is what is described above by Undead basically. Before the incident at the bar I was told in IC by @yourfriendmad15 that the gang was looking for me and Zandwalf was with them looking. I made my way over to the bar and hid upstairs. The gang showed up shortly after and demanded I come outside for a "chat", then Zandwalf commands me to come outside, I arm myself with a pistol just in case as a deterrent, Zanwalf decides to open the door and let them all inside to confront me, the arguing continues for a bit till one of them tells me to put my hands up, get punched with brass knuckles and
  13. Toxic

    RP Shoutouts

    "Mmm such nice muscle structure..." Bruh I want their jackets so bad lol
  14. Toxic

    ID checking device for ISF

    Create an item that only ISF can use that lets them check what someone's Name and ID are. The purpose would be for non compliant detainees that refuse to say who they are. Roleplay-wise it can be explained as the officer goes in your pocket to take out your ID to look at it. Or you could make the "Check pulse" function similar to other servers that displays the character name when you do it and it would display their name and Citizen ID
  15. Toxic

    Toxic ban appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: As far as I understood the perma death rules it would only occur should there be a request for someone to be killed before the killing, whether it be the person killing themselves or another player. I didn't value my life because as I understood the roleplay aspect you'd just be "waking up/getting out of the hospital" after the "killing" without there being a perma death so it didn't seem like Value for life was a big deal with that understanding of roleplay in mind. Clearly I misunderstood the rules and I'l