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  1. Jad

    The super glock (modded weapon suggestion)

  2. WeeMan

    • WeeMan
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    do it

    1. Jad



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  3. Jad

    Identifying how bodies were killed

    This is a cool addition to roleplay given the reasons for death are not so specific. It's obvious if someone has died because they've taken a round to the head, though dying to blood loss may not be so clear.
  4. Jad

    Cutting up bodies

    Chopping bodies should take much longer. An alternative to cutting bodies is to have an option to hide a body (similar to digging) that takes a significant amount of time.
  5. Jad

    RP map item

    +1 I like the idea of having a map of some kind. A handmade map item that can be traded as contraband is a likely option
  6. Jad

    Buff IED’s

    This is a good idea. You can configure damages/ranges and such for a custom explosion for IEDs. Right now they are incredibly useless and less powerful than a grenade.
  7. Jad

    Items disappeared?

    This is a known 1.09 bug. It's recommended not to put items in clothing cargo while they're stored inside lockers until the issue can be properly addressed.
  8. The main point of the report was pointing out that the people in question were baiting initiation while it didn't make much sense in RP to start fights when there is the option of talking. Joonfish was punched over something completely constructed, then subsequently chased while continuing to be attacked which supports this point. The guy with the pocket shotgun did not add to the roleplay and was on the sidelines waiting to use lethal force with whatever excuse given to him. It's clear since he was only heard talking once, in which he shot a guy in the face with the intention to kill after ha
  9. Jad


    What is being claimed by the other party is simply not true. They were baiting initiation and looking to fight without much reason to do so. There is one man that doesn't talk and is running around with a pocket shotgun - somehow he's always there at the perfect time to exploit the situation and use lethal force whenever he gets the chance. The evidence below supports my points: Here is Joonfish's POV:
  10. Jad


    Location: Slums Time and date of the event: 05/09/20 23:13 BST In-game name and allies involved: JAD, Bangkok Stallion, Joonfish Name of suspect(s): Unknown Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: There was a group of people baiting initiation in the slums; these people kept calling others "balto" and were starting hostilities over next to nothing. There was some punching exchanged between others and someone got shot. After that situation is what we see in the provided evidence. I did not get involved and stayed
  11. Jad

    Glitch report

    Location: Beneath towers Time and date of the event: 23:50 GMT+1, 30/08/20 In-game name and allies involved: JAD, Windstride, Casey Jones Name of suspect(s): (Unknown) Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: We see a guy walking using F3. Went to rob him and we figure that something is fishy. When we go to attack after confronting, he drops a storage crate. This is an abuse of a well known bug to walk quicker while carrying a heavy item.
  12. Born into a middle-class family in Albury in the heart of Surrey, Alfred Digby was a quiet, daydreaming child. His parents were very wealthy property investors and were high in the property investment ladder in the UK. After being sent off to boarding school, Alfred soon began to understand his privilege and grew distaste for his supposed natural advantage gifted to him in his life. As a rebel to his roots, leaving school was a blessing for him as he was able to pursue his desire of travelling the world and helping the underprivileged. Starting off in Africa, Alfred toured Asia helping many ch