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  1. big man on campus


  2. big man on campus

    SA-58 Polymer Butt-stock Appreciation Thread

    Guys how do i quote right am i doing ri it right ??? I think IDK i those buttstocks looks cool guys... Thats me looking at the buttsocks guys i hope u can see this thanks
  3. big man on campus

    big man on campus

    ouuuugh... sniff that one...

  4. big man on campus

    SA-58 Polymer Butt-stock Appreciation Thread

    The yy shoudl Theyh should add attachments like thi s. Add it Guys add itth ADD THIS!!!!! Add it to SA 58 SA 58 is Fn Fal But But Why si this WHy is this called the SA 58 cjust call is the Fn fal Its the FN Fal from This country But yeah guys polymer buttstock loosk nice bkuut i thinkt hey shuold add minigun to bastion.. like guys it would be sooo cool
  5. big man on campus

    SITREP 012 | 9/5/2020 | Rats

    hell yea bay beee.... fawkin sewer rats... it's time baby...
  6. big man on campus

    Rate the profile above you

    beautiful. you can really see every detail in the face, especially in the banner picture 10/10
  7. big man on campus

    big man on campus


  8. big man on campus


    Vladamir Putin.. brother of Vladimir Putin?? Simply a fucking honor. a
  9. big man on campus


  10. big man on campus


  11. Before the war, Raymond was a upper middle-class man, working as an accountant for an opulent business company based near Seattle. Fresh off of university with a bachelor's degree in-hand, he was a young man with the opportunity to go far, quickly. What could've been, however, faded in the wake of an imminent apocalypse. When the ICBMs touched down across the world, he was rushed to one of many bunkers set up in the metropolis. From there, he sat inside of a cramped bunker with his parents, toiling away until they were eventually transferred to one of the many bastions created across Nor