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    Increase Respawn Timer

    I mean personally I think like 15 minutes is more than enough. If I died and had to wait 30 minutes to continue playing, I would probably just end up logging off and not getting back on. I can understand where people are coming from but I think meeting in the middle and setting it to 15 minutes is perfect and if someone ends up running back after their 15 minute timer then that person can report it. There is a lot of good recording software out there that doesnt hit your performance super hard. I personally use Medal which doesnt hit my performance at all from when im not running it and it all
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    Pablo Escobar died in 1993 lol. Kinda confused on how your character knows him if he is 20 years old and born in 2020 lol.
  3. Austin Alexander Hayes was born on April 12, 2005 in Roanoke, Virginia to James Alexander Hayes and Natlie Mariana Hayes. He was born 22 years prior to World War III, He lived a very mundane life, his parents owned a big plot of land just outside the town of Roanoke. He never had very many friends because of where he lived was so remote. Austin and his dad James frequently went on hunting trips for weeks at a time where his dad taught him basic survival skills, the basics of using and maintaining firearms, tracking/hunting prey, and many more. Austin loved going on the hunting trips with his
  4. James Chungus grew up Zone 18 AKA New York, He had been born during world war III to a wealthy family. When he was 21, he was forcefully transferred away from his family to Zone 1 in central Europe. There he continued his studies, although he struggled a lot because of the language difference, he ended up getting through it and finishing his school studies. After he finished school, James was sort of bored with his life, he wanted to make a change or be different, do stuff no one else wanted to do. It was at this time in his life, he became extremely rebellious and tried to spice up things up.