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  1. Zandwalf


    Not gonna lie, I had fun in Bastion RP. My character had a great story and I could have asked for a better community. Let me know if you guys do anything in the future, I would love to join yall in more RP. Friend me on Discord Zandwalf#9571

    1. Lahoot


      Me too.

  2. Zandwalf


    Big Sadge time

  3. Zandwalf

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

  4. Zandwalf

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    Nice update!
  5. Zandwalf


    I'm going to be very busy the next few days with moving house. Sorry for any inconvenience this may bring to RP... 

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      Play or get banned

    3. Zandwalf


      Aw jeez Rick

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      mads kazanova

      uhhhh ohhhhhhh


  6. Zandwalf

    RP Shoutouts

    Funny stuff, lotta fun.
  7. Zandwalf

    RP Shoutouts

    @Deadplex & @Tridon77 Wonderful job tonight gentlemen, had a good time participating @Driver@Zandwalf@Cory @Jimmy@Strider BOOYEAH bOOOyeAH Rest in Peace....
  8. Zarg was born in Zone 2 where his parents discarded him in trade for food. Zarg was forced onto the streets where he struggled to survive as a young boy. Eventually, he broke and killed 3 men. The authorities got involved and discovered he had been eating their corpses for weeks. He was put through re-education and shipped off to Zone 3 to BKG-023 where he quietly continued his lifestyle until the CLA took over. During the CLA takeover Zarg got enough equipment to live outside the walls. After he witnessed NCC forces infiltrating and taking back the Bastion he started to gear up to head back i
  9. Zandwalf


    Why in the world would you....


  10. Zandwalf

    Food mod

    As the owner of a Restaurant i would like to see more cooking and food options. However the Lore clashes with this idea. Currently I'm only allowed to sell alcohol at the bar. Any other foods would have to be served to high class individuals in the Primrose district i've been told. I would like to see more food. But the lore would have to be written that people have started smuggling food items in. Or that the NCC has gotten new factories in another zone. +1
  11. Zandwalf


    OIM couldn't have a bigger asset. Great character Jimmy
  12. Zandwalf


  13. Zandwalf


    I think the more options we add for outside exploration the better. Not that they should be cheap by any means. The outside of the Bastion is beautiful and dangerous. It would be nice to have an Injection type anti rad item. I believe that getting outside Rads balanced is no easy task.
  14. Zandwalf

    RP Shoutouts

    Shoutout to the ISF that participated in the retaking of the Bastion. The Loyalists that were hiding in the Bar had a lot of fun participating.
  15. Zandwalf

    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Welp, lets do this!