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  1. Deathd3al3r24


    if there would have been any sort of rp involved i wouldn't have filed the soon as i turned around to see who was yelling hands up i was shot and knocked uncon and then punched once while i was out and then shot...wheres the rp in that
  2. Deathd3al3r24

    Staff Feedback - Psychonaut

    needed help on reporting an incident. so i jumped into waiting for support chat on discord and within seconds this legend was there and streamed exactly what i needed to do so i could get the report filed...someone give this guy a raise! again appreciate the help man!
  3. Deathd3al3r24


    Location: Slums (at the bank, just in front of blue tins) Time and date of the event: 2124 CST ( 9:24pm) In-game name and allies involved: Jake Dominio Name of suspect(s): n/a Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: n/a Detailed description of the events: was walking to base with a "heavy" object in my hands and heard someone yell to stop wasn't sure they were talking to me and when i turned around to see who was talking and to whom they were talking to i was shot and knocked uncon and then killed for no reason
  4. Jake Dominio is tree logger in the zone 19. He spent most of his life quiet and laid back. He tend to not keep friends close as there was a lot of crime in his zone. He meet a fellow named Harry Felterbush who introduced him to the idea of making money in a new zone! He was built and ready to work so he requested to be transferred along with Harry. Now they set off to new beginnings.