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  1. Dirty Dog Devin

    Base raid with possible glitching.

    Don't know if this is with it but this was just outside. Died falling from the looks of it.
  2. Dirty Dog Devin

    Base raid with possible glitching.

    Location: Slums in my base. Blue door tin building right next to the trader. Time and date of the event: 9/10 at 10:21 Est In-game name and allies involved: N/A Name of suspect(s): Unknown Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: I just came home to all my stuff gone and these dead bodies. They also put a bear trap down.
  3. Dirty Dog Devin

    Recording hostile actions.

    When people initiate in game, some will make a mistake and break a rule. It can happen with in a couple seconds and be over. Leaving the victim having to make a report but not have video of the incident. With no proof on the victims side, it will most likely turn into a 'Word for Word" and be dropped. I have seen other servers use the rule that the hostile party must have 1 person recording the incident as it unfolds. That is because people make mistakes and mess up. They also do it all right and still end up in a report. I feel it would be good to add more into the rules about having to recor
  4. Dirty Dog Devin


    POV: I was guarding my friend carrying a heavy box. When he was about to get to the door of our home, about 4 men ran up with guns and yelled something about hands up. I decided to run but when I do there is a guy behind me and I already have taken 2 shots. I quickly pulled my batt and seen my friend with the box in his hand being shot so I rushed the guy shooting him. That's when we are knocked and killed. If they wanted hostage RP, they would have not killed us while knocked out. They simply wanted a quick snatch and grab and ended up pursing too fast on shooting. Note I did not have my bat
  5. Dirty Dog Devin

    Ban Appeal.

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: I have now been banned for 7 days and had time to realize what I did was wrong. Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos): N/A What could have you done differently: I should have made a better decision on the people I roll with. I was being a follower in a situation I knew was wrong. As of now I do not talk to the same people out of character and want to come back with a fresh start. I have never gained anything from the situation and know I should just walk away. I really enjoy the
  6. Dirty Dog Devin

    Ban Appeal. No link.

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: N/A. Why should our decision be overturned: I did not know what I was doing was wrong and would like to further explain as I was just banned. I was just watching and did not pick up any loot and was just simply a bystander in the situation. Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos): No What could have you done differently: Just went and did my own thing since it is not in my narrative to steal from bases. What would you like to accomplish with this appeal: I would like to talk to the admin who banned me and talk about the
  7. Harry grew up in a foster home most of his life. There's not many pictures of him or is father, but a mug shit of his dad. His father was in prison and his mother was dead from a drug overdose. Through out his early years of life he always seem to follow his dads shoes. Fighting, stealing, and even sneaking drugs into school. The world was at a weird place and life wasn't the same as it used to be. Harry had a hard time living with the other boys in the home. He would fight often, but was then sent to a boot camp to be straightened. He stayed here 2 years before turning 18 and leaving, a year