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  1. Peaches

    How am I looking?

    spend your hard earned cash on a roleplay server
  2. Peaches

    How am I looking?

    You getting space then, sucks to suck
  3. Peaches

    How am I looking?

  4. Peaches

    Literally just wipe the server early and give a date

    I mean when you make a caste system based around an economy and people arent just making roleplay out of nothing compared to conventional dayzrp, I can see why people would see no point in playing till a solid wipe. Not quite sure why they would want to otherwise. For example I could progress my business and how much stuff we sell but in reality it's gonna wipe so I have no reason to put the effort in. Not to mention walking around and doing the exact same recycled RP with the same 20 people in town square isn't the most entertaining thing when it's all I have to do. Though ultimately this is
  5. Peaches

    • Peaches
    • Vice

    the run was going so well

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    2. Peaches


      Yeah, eeverybody knows I dominate the BastionRP category with my 1:12 any% glitchless kuru metagame run, nice try though.

    3. Vice


      "the fucking pace!!"

    4. Peaches



  6. Peaches

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    I would say that's easiest, but for the sake of transparency and avoiding bias, I think it's a great system of having staff make reports. It's really foreign though in comparison to a lot of communities tho :)
  7. Peaches

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    That's the point of the report system though. A formal setting in which people document their POV's with preferably 0 back and forth and discuss something that happened. If it was something minor IC you can choose to report it or not based on if it effected your enjoyment of the RP. That's why MULTIPLE staff members reviews things as to avoid bias. Reports aren't intended always to end in a guilty verdict either. That's why people talk things out in a report and close them all the time. It's truly just a formal way of documenting possible server rule infractions. If players get salty it'
  8. Peaches

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    I mean the rules are pretty easy to understand lol. Some people literally go never receiving points and some people get points, almost always for a pretty good reason. As @joffrey said the system is pretty good. Especially considering this is a recreational internet roleplay community. You keep making the claims of toxicity or w/e, but toxicity comes from people not from reports. If you(being anybody, not you specfically) make a salty report, which it's very easy to tell by tone of report if it's salt induced, you're at fault. That's why there are completely normal reports and salt
  9. Peaches

    Mobile Website Bug?

    Like this?
  10. Peaches

    Mobile Website Bug?

    Ever since the website upgrade or w/e we did mobile has fucked up post times(or when a post was made w/e u call it) and it makes it kind of hard to read. This is me being a whiney baby, mostly just a quality of life change.
  11. Peaches

    • Peaches
    • Strider

    How did you get your name?

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    2. Driver


      Yeah we are watching the movies cause I haven't seen them and then Strider got introduced and I asked "I wonder if that's how the dev on bastion got his name?".

    3. Strider


      About time you watch that shit, best trilogy of all time no cap. 

    4. Peaches


      That's what I have been telling him forever smh

  12. Peaches

    Spanners - Character Roulette

    Hit me
  13. Peaches





    1. Driver


      Chicken leg

    2. Tony Stark

      Tony Stark


  14. Peaches

    Rate the profile above you

    wOW VERYgool profile sir, almost like I made it POGGERs 10/10
  16. Peaches