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  1. Clumsy


    @Michael Vick @Salem @Bazzio please provide your full POVs and any evidence you may have.
  2. Anya didn't have the easiest of childhoods, but that could be said for a lot of kids. She had two very hard working parents. Her mother, Amber was a nurse. Born and raised in Columbus, OH and her father, Viktor, owned a local bar, he was born and raised in Russian, coming to America when he was roughly twelve years old. Not going to get into the mushy part of how her parents met but they bumped into each other and more or less, things just kicked off. Once they were married, her mother wanted to start a family almost immediately. Her set goal was to have three children but she didn't expect to
  3. Clumsy

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    100% Agree. The whitelist needs to be redone. Aiko and I have actually suggested that we learn from this month of being active, take what rules were broken the most and add those questions into the whitelist along with a complete revamp of the whitelist.
  4. Clumsy

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    I was part of a community where they had a rule. You had to wait 24 hours to put up a report and you had to try and talk to the accused before before you even thought about submitting the report to try and talk it out. 90% of reports are usually posted up in the heat of the moment. You just died, you lost all your stuff and your progress and you're throwing up a report. People need time to cool down and think about it. I believe maybe putting in a time limit before submitting a report after it happens might help dwindles these quick reports down. I've also push the suggestion for a mentor prog
  5. Please post a full POV of the events in your own words.
  6. Clumsy

    BadRP - East side slums

    @Neo please list all of the allies you had during this situation.
  7. Cory

    • Cory
    • Clumsy

    Congrats on Orange! 

    1. Clumsy


      Thank You :)

    2. DevilBlade


      Movin up in the colors ayyy <3

    3. Neo



  8. Clumsy

    Clumsys Character Designs

    Ewww No! :P just toss me a message on Discord or Steam and lemme know what colors and such you want. I also need pictures of your character you nerd.
  9. Clumsy


    Do not post unless you have evidence to provide or you have not given a POV yet.
  10. Clumsy


    Hit for Justinj5277 Hit Logs for Artur Hit logs for IotaSilver Hit logs for Mula Logs for AidenVC Logs were scuffed after the patch. Correct logs updated Calling @PeteGG please post your full POV and any evidence you may have.
  11. Clumsy


    @Artur, your time zone so I may know to check the logs.
  12. Clumsy

    Clumsys Character Designs

    Hello Bastion Community! Most of you that know me are well aware of the effort and time I put into, not only the story, but the graphics of my character pages. I've had a couple people come to me to ask if I would do graphics for their character pages so I decided I might as well post up a thread to be available for everyone. Graphics for character pages aren't going to be for everyone. Most don't feel the need to have them but I always find they add a little bit more and pleasing to the eye. Headers. All you need to tell me is the color/theme and what you want those tit
  13. Clumsy

    Unable to join server due to error.

    It is currently an issue with the server. It's being worked on.
  14. Clumsy

    Staff Feedback - Clumsy

    Thank you @Jared I have read it over and since that verdict I have already started taking steps when it comes to being move involved in the reports. I feel there weren't more questions asked in that specific report and I personally believe more questions needs to be asked in reports in the future instead of just POVs.
  15. Clumsy


    @Dodgy Greek guy you were killed by the OP back on Sept 15th. Today, as shown in the video, you were seen talking about the events that happened a couple of days ago. Care to explain how you remembered what happened ?