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  1. Mellstrom

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    o7, cya all later!
  2. Mellstrom

    Rate the profile above you

    dunnu about the pic, sick background though 6/10
  3. Mellstrom


    Looks like my Whitelist got deleted, oopsie...

    1. WeeMan




  4. Mellstrom

    • Mellstrom
    • Whistleblower

    Something Something Whistleblower...

    1. Whistleblower


      Ahah, yes... it’s the Swede... welcome to the world of tomorrow!

  5. good boi points is the pathway to many abilities some may consider, un natural...
  6. Mellstrom

    Patch Notes | A1.4

    they should at least reduce the rate at wish food and water goes down, really unrealistic to eat every 15 min
  7. Mellstrom

    Rate The Song Above You

    I am reviving this thread
  8. Mellstrom

    • Mellstrom
    • Quackipoo

    hey man, long time ago!

  9. Mellstrom

    Real life picture Thread

  10. Mellstrom

    Rate the profile above you

    Literally that one jedi people dont know the name of, gotta give you bonus points doe for lego star wars, i member playing that on my gameboy advanced, good times. 5/10
  11. Mellstrom

    Hello Gamers

    you are correct, nice to see you as well, lots of familiar faces around here.
  12. Mellstrom

    Real life picture Thread

    Imma mark it as a spoiler as im sot sure if it counts as NSFW
  13. Mellstrom

    • Mellstrom

    All hail Gary! 🐌

  14. Mellstrom

    What Was the Last Thing You Put In Your Mouth?

    Water is best drink
  15. Mellstrom

    Rate the profile above you

    Nice color scheme you put on the banner, yellow is a color people usually tend to avoid due to the brightness of it but you did good. 10/10