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  1. Scott Smithy

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    Fair enough, Shame to see this happen :(
  2. Scott Smithy

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    If the server had a constant 70 players would this still of been the outcome? or is the lack of players the hard hitting part
  3. Scott Smithy

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    O7 Good bye friends :(
  4. Scott Smithy

    • Scott Smithy
    • Salem

    Arrivederci friend.

  5. Scott Smithy

    Metagaming appeal - Scott Smithy - 14/11/2020

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: Rule 7.2 - Characters made and played by the same individual are forbidden to be: Related by blood to one another; Friends with one another in any capacity, or; Aware of one another’s existence. With that in mind. I am understanding that they don't magically know about the previous character, However if they learn it within RP then they have no reason to not know it. Now as the OP mentioned as Luke Connely, I said "You got a lot of enemies now, you know that?" and "You stole that
  6. Scott Smithy

    CoCo's Senseless Killing.

    I dont like to argue in support cases. You can see at the end of that last video im punching a wall and it's doing damage. it's clearly lag was going on, Myself and rajjip both spoke throughout the initiation and we could hear eachother. it was clear the issue was your side.
  7. Scott Smithy

    CoCo's Senseless Killing.

    Okay. So I initiated on you earlier less than 15 minutes prior. behind the main square in the gardens. Myself and @Rajjip inititated on you at which point you mumbled and said something like "aight imma go grab something and then ill be back" I then gave you a 5 second timer to put your hands on your head before hitting you. I am not sure what you did during this but it seemed like you disconnected your internet as you stopped taking any and all hit registration and froze on the spot. it was then we decided to leave you until we saw you again due to clearly you was having some "internet"
  8. Born on the 23rd of december was Jojo, a healthy little baby. as Jojo got older and began to progress into his child years his parents tried very hard to teach him the familys and country's tongue. Sadly after 2 years of trying to teach him was was declared, family's seperated people killed. Jojo was one of the people seperated from his family. and given to a new couple who would take care for him until his family were found again. Sadly after many years, he still does not know if they are alive or not. As he began to get older the family taught him english and how to speak clearly. They
  9. Scott Smithy

    NLR 13/11/2020

    I spoke with Bigrome directly, He apologised and I advised him on the rule of which he broke. He advised it wont happen again, I am happy to close the report if the full evidence is still required please let me know.
  10. Scott Smithy

    NLR 13/11/2020

    Location: Towers Time and date of the event: 8:00 ish GMT In-game name and allies involved: N/A Name of suspect(s): I think BigRome Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: The guy got shot by isf and in thess than 15 minutes returned to his body fully remembering what happend.
  11. Scott Smithy

    Invalid Kill

    I will mention I have no idea who that guy is, I just stuck around the main square which you returned to after you had died. you will notice I didin't speak during the situation and meerly stood around the person you should be blaming for killing you which wasn't myself.. And thuggish char or not. going up to people and getting in their face threatening them for no reason again and again is trollish behavour. it was clear you attempted to get a rise. you're right let staff decide
  12. Scott Smithy

    Invalid Kill

    Okay so, I first see him walking over a bunch of graves spitting on them, I say "why do you do that?" instantly they start getting hostile him and his friend. both pull out knives threatining to cut me and stab me... I then talk my way out of it and head my own way. a few minutes later I see him doing it again to other people I go over to see what is happening. whilst I am there a random person walks up with a baseball bat. at which point Cory begins to shit talk him more and more. It seems he was doing this to everyone he sees trying to get them angry so he could pull out a knife an
  13. Scott Smithy

    Abuse of Game Mechanics : 11/11/20

    Hi, Luke connely - First Hu Zu - second With the random takeover of the resturant word got around, and Luke was a fisherman who often sold to various traders. He often spoke and kept up with the knowlege in which he was told about the chinese resturant by a member of the ISF when he was looking for work. Obviously, this would not be good if I had both chars working at the same place so I ignored it. later on that same day I noticed that someone had opened the doors to the building and moved the storage boxes. from there it's easy to assume that the chinese man has gone or been
  14. Scott Smithy

    Abuse of Game Mechanics : 11/11/20

    Okay so, I go on as civ, and get rough handeled by ISF giving me a bad time here and there. I decide to take it into my own hands when they tased me whilst I was climbing a ladder resulting in me falling from a distance high enough to cause pretty bad damage. Later on on that char I go back up the tower when ISF are not there (Atleast to my knowlege) then they appear round the corner and start climbing the ladder. without any speaking to me or intiataion I get knocked uncon. I get back up in restraints and after speaking with officer they let me go, I ran round the back and knocked h
  15. Scott Smithy

    Speakers for the OIM/ISF

    Hi, I think speakers being placed around the bastion that can be controlled via a OIM building or ISF HQ would be a good idea. It allows for civillians to get notified of any workshifts or any orders given by the ISF. The megaphones do this, but do it poorly. they are very directional and often times people miss out due to not hearing it. (Even with it being as loud as it is) The speakers can be placed throughout the bastion to notify everyone. their is also another option which is the Cameras that ISF have. But again they do it poorly