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  1. Scott Smithy

    Scott Smithy - Lying to staff appeal

    Hiya, Firstly, thank you for getting back to us. I will start by addressing point number 1. During the report yes, we spoke about the report simply both of us trying to remember the situation trying to piece it together but at no time did we discuss or collude a potential story or lie in regards to this. I have nothing to add to this.
  2. Scott Smithy

    Scott Smithy - Lying to staff appeal

    Sure, what are the questions?
  3. Scott Smithy

    Rate the profile above you

    8/10 Nice, Could of used a different header but looks good!
  4. Scott Smithy

    Scott Smithy - Lying to staff appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: I feel this was completely unfair, I was reported for apparently saying "im going to PK him" I never said this. There was no proof I Said this. At the time, the situation warranted no reason for me to record; hence, there is no footage. In this instance, I had been on the server for a while, dealing with every situation possible. We just stopped a group of protesters, marched them back to base, and questioned all 4 of them. I was involved in challenging the preacher and the well-being of the prisoners.
  5. Scott Smithy

    ISF - OOC in IC, BADRP

    Haha sorry! Mind was still in character it’s been a long day Shady is @rajjip
  6. Scott Smithy

    ISF - OOC in IC, BADRP

    Hi all, I was dealing with around 4 situations in 1 here, I was watching Shady question the man for his ID. I then walked in spoke to Shady, but as it was quite a few hours ago. I can't remember what I said. I would more than likely not of broken charachter though. Hope this helps, Thanks, Scott
  7. Scott Smithy

    Breaking into ISF HQ

    He was caught breaking into ISF HQ, he had ransacked the bins and took a load of contraband on him. including gasmasks, shotguns rifles etc. He was detained and with command approval he was executed. I do not have a recording.
  8. Scott Smithy

    Patch Notes | 20.9.11

    Out of curiosity as I’ve not seen it, what’s the use for the dice roll?
  9. Scott Smithy


    After the firefight resulting in a loss of life both civ and ISF side. we saw @KingToxic crouching down next to the ISF officer (searching him) We went over demanded him to step away, place his hands on his head and turn around. He did nothing. after multiple warnings I shot a single taser round knocking him uncon. Placed him in handcuffs and woke him up. he was then told to get against the wall. (he did) He then when questioned by ISF did not speak and instead only nod his head. When asked "Do you understand you will be killed if you do not give your ID" He nodde
  10. Scott Smithy

    Wipe the server

    @Mula I think what might be a good thing to do is get the sewers ready and then wipe the server and release a big content update with the sewers included
  11. Scott Smithy

    Wipe the server

    I hope that it doesn’t loose hype / active ness to much in the next 2-4 weeks though
  12. It was the night before Christmas, and all seemed well until a loud cry was heard. A lady in the house. It was Jerry's Mum, Jerry's mum had gone into labor. She was rushed to the hospital, and after six long and painful hours, Out came Jerry Jones. a Beautiful blue-eyed, Blonde hair boy who looked healthy and let out the loudest cry. As Jerry began to get older, his father involved with a private security company had started teaching him self defense. He was trained in Jujitsu's arts and pursued his passion for martial arts until he became his teenager. Alongside martial arts, his father tau
  13. Scott Smithy

    Staff Feedback - marvolo

    Marvolo has helped me more times than I can count. has sat with me for upwards of a hour discussing future of the server and how it should turn out. Seems to always be around and helpful when needed! +1
  14. Scott Smithy

    Ban Appeal - Scott Smithy

    so, I have the 12 second video, and the 5 second video, that is all I have. SO this is all I thought I had - This is what I found upon searching again through clips to attach to the report- That is all the evidence I have due to when pressing the Clip button that is all it captured
  15. Scott Smithy

    Ban Appeal - Scott Smithy

    Hi, So the video that linked where it was me shooting zombies, As you can see im in window mode and have my recording set to be able to record everything (desktop capture) This allows it to capture whatever is on the screen rather than the game window, when the event that happend where we killed the person I was in full screen, which according to the forums I seeked help on, helps to shorten the time apprantly when the lag spikes happen. the only issue is when thats on, I have to turn off desktop capture as when I am in full scr