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  1. Jeremy

    Tabletop RPG's

    An idea for Dm's to take that I actually ran in my campaign rather successfully was the False Hydra. The False Hydra is an aberration that moves into a host village or town and feeds on the memories of the inhabitants through its song. It can pretty much be reflavored to fit any setting, I personally tweaked it to fit my Gothic vampire aesthetic having it be a creation of the vampires and instead calling it a 'Konthari'. The way I ran it was also less traditional than the route found on the original write up of the hydra. I had it come off more as a time loop situation where after the players
  2. Jeremy

    Rate the profile above you

    0/10 dead meme
  3. Jeremy

    One IRL Fact About You

    I surf and have four boards. Two shortboards one inbetweener and a longboard.
  4. Jeremy

    Tabletop RPG's

    Still waiting for the Legacy of the Force reboot
  5. Jeremy

    Tabletop RPG's

  6. Jeremy

    Tabletop RPG's

    Yeah I'm actually currently running a campaign myself over on Roll20 for some friends. A homebrew world which is based heavily on the idea of Gothic horror and Romanian folk lore. The current idea is Vampires once ruled the land, but have now been overthrown which has caused a power vacuum leading to the rise of a mysterious council who now rules the eastern half of Vostroya they've outlawed magic and claim the sanctity of human life casting out all non humans out of their borders. Here's the map!
  7. Jeremy

    ISF Burnout?

    I don't think the issue at hand currently is that ISF is constantly winning? I'm simply stating a faction that is separate from the civilian populace that does require an additional application to be apart of should have special privileges that come alongside the ooc bounds of it. Yes, they are players, but fighting them should come with a risk. This system would of course come with checks and balances. Having the staff who pk and those who do appeals separate would lend to that.
  8. Jeremy

    ISF Burnout?

    The issue I have with the current application is that it lends itself to citizens to fill out and takes time. ISF should be exempt from filling these out (not to say valid PK reasons may need to be explained), and being able to contact a designated staff member directly as they are the security lore faction of the server.
  9. Jeremy

    ISF Burnout?

    How I see it operating would be, Player dies for valid Pk reason, ISF contacts staff requesting PK on person they just killed, Staff sifts through the logs and PKs them on the spot, though of course players would be granted the ability to appeal pk's on the forums. Now in the current state this might seem like a lot, but as the threat of death becomes more prevalent players will slow down and see the ISF attacks more as of a risk.
  10. Jeremy

    ISF Burnout?

    Just gonna throw this out there, anticivil activity should run the risk of permadeath. If you're going to fight the ISF that should be the risk. Make an actual rebel cell that can coordinate attacks that avoid being pk'd or take actual losses when players do die. (That is if this isn't how it is currently.)
  11. Jeremy

    League of Legends

    Really feeling the warwick again
  12. Jeremy

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    Boners rise up

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    Sometimes I dream about cheese
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    Real life picture Thread

    Hey guys how's it going, Kripparrian here
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    You don't skip the Kripp

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      Dude quit it

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      Sorry pal I never stop Kripping