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  1. Beircheart

    FailRP / Robbery / No Initiation :(

    you only initiate proper when you knock me out saying "give us your shit" when youve already knocked me out which is far too late. If you said that before and i resisted then fair enough thats fine, but you just never clarified anything significant to make it reasonable to rob me and knock me out you just started punching me, there was no initiation. You're point above is not a valid reason for initiation at all.
  2. Beircheart

    FailRP / Robbery / No Initiation :(

    It's not really initiation though like you were asking me a question, "Can you give us more money?" it was not threatening one bit at all. Its just a poor way to RP cause loads of people were complaining you've just been robbing people that day with bad RP, like you don't have to rob any solo person you see, that ruins the experience. Just put more effort into the RP cause its just really boring when you do it like that.
  3. Beircheart

    Changes on Leaving the Bastion.

    Good point yeah, maybe they could add custom mutant zombies at areas where there's good loot spawns, like the mutants in StalkerZ. That'll make it more interesting.
  4. Beircheart

    Changes on Leaving the Bastion.

    People are leaving the Bastion with little to no gear and protection which is frustrating because it's ruining the idea that the outside is supposed to be heavily radiated and it's making a heavy influx of guns enter the Bastion because of all this people rushing in out swooping guns and other stuff then running back in. These actions also break rule 3.3 3.3 - You must, at all times, value the life and general well-being of your character. By running out in the rads without a gas mask i feel is breaking the rule like its not very realistic. I feel like people should be punished
  5. From a young age Benjamin has always wanted to help people, it's in his nature. As a kid he always liked helping his neighbours and making sure everyone was happy. When he was only nine his parents let him join a Cadet summer camp ranging from kids aged 8-18, he was at a camp just outside Birmingham. It was 2027 when he was at a camp when the Bomb went off at Birmingham destroying the city and most likely destroying his family, he was now left with all these other confused kids, but they did what they could to survive. They worked together fortifying the camp until help arrived hopef
  6. Beircheart

    FailRP / Robbery / No Initiation :(

    i can also bet they were using comms in discord by the way they were acting, also making the whole situation very boring
  7. Beircheart

    FailRP / Robbery / No Initiation :(

    Location: Just north up the road of town square Time and date of the event: 28/08/2020 , 2:43am GMT In-game name and allies involved: Beircheart Kelly Name of suspect(s): Unknown (2 Guys) Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: they were asking about how to leave etc and where industrial is etc then i gave them some aion cause they asked for it, they drank it then they knocked me out, pretty poor tbh like where's the effort there in RP, theres too many people on here just robbing and not attempting any RP its all effortless
  8. Beircheart


    33cm huh? Isn't there a height requirement to join the military?
  9. Beircheart

    Question about Criminal Records

    Alright thank you for letting me know. and yep that’s the plan
  10. Beircheart

    Increase Tools Spawn

    Thats when it gets too easy though, if its that easy people wont be as interactive to try buy items off other people to be able to craft what they need, and tbh I've found a few tools in the past 3 days i've found multiple hatchets and saws. I just feel like if the spawn rate for tools increased, it'll end up being the same as to what happened with the spawn rate for guns outside the Bastion before the patch (it'll be too easy to obtain them)
  11. Beircheart

    Question about Criminal Records

    I tried looking for the answer to my question but couldnt find it so i came here. Do criminal records ever get wiped or is there a way to kind of RP your way to get your criminal record removed? Just wondering as i have a very minor criminal record and was just curious if there's a way to clear it.
  12. Beircheart

    Problems With the Bank...

    Yeah it happens, but RoomService is working on it so hopefully there'll be a fix soon
  13. Beircheart

    Problems With the Bank...

    oh really? I think myself sometimes that I haven't earnt any credits but i thought i was just crazy but maybe im not. I'll add it to the list thanks WeeMan
  14. Beircheart

    Event Idea - Infected In The Bastion

    Since there are exits to get outside the Bastion, I feel like it would be an interesting idea if they make the uses of these exits for an event. All the people that never made it back from their adventures outside the Bastion have all turned into the "infected" but they still made their way back to the exits of the Bastion. The admins would spawn mass amounts of the infected at the exits of the Bastion causing them to drift in towards the city causing chaos. This may be a bit of a dumb idea but i feel like it'll be something really engaging and fun, having to hide from or attack mas
  15. 1. I've recently discovered a problem where if you withdraw your money straight away and also press ESC after a second or less, the money will not go into your account and *poof* into thin air, if you do withdraw money I'd recommend waiting atleast 2-3 seconds before pressing ESC to prevent the risk of losing your credits. 2. This hasn't been for all players but a few have complained about this, when depositing credits to your bank, it doesn't allow you to deposit a whole stack of 50, so you have to deposit 25 credits twice. This isn't a constant problem but it does happen every so often.