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  1. currently it seems like the state of magazines and ammo is not being saved properly, every time you log out with a gun in your character, when you log back in the mag of that gun will not be in the gun, it will be in your inventory, i don't know what happens with the mag if you logged out with a full inventory, and in addition to that, every bullet that is on the chamber of the gun simply disappears, every time you log out with the gun and log back in, this is pretty bad for chambered guns such as Mosins. The magazine being detached of the gun has actually a pro, i found an ar-15 once and it h
  2. Windstride

    Patch Notes | A1.6

    Very nice patch, GJ!!
  3. Windstride

    Radiation-related issues

    I see, although the two medications have very similar descriptions, almost identical, while intended for different uses, also, with 150 radiation aren't you already loosing blood?
  4. Windstride

    Radiation-related issues

    yeah they are bugged indeed, but "a fixed 150" what exactly?
  5. Windstride

    Radiation-related issues

    It seems like this radiation medicine is not working as intended at all, i've tried using it against radiation and it did nothing, 3 times. These come with 10 uses each bottle, the other anti-radiation tab that uses the charcoal tab model and comes with 5 uses is working fine.
  6. I was going well with my career as a 3d artist on Ontario, Canada before it all started, i left my family at Brazil for this job opportunity, i was looking for a better life and it was going pretty well until the world basically ended as we know it. Many people sought refuge in the bastions, i was hesitant about it, for i've had already heard bad things about the life in there, so i got lucky enough to be received by a not very large group that managed to settle down in the Subways. Life underground was tough, nothing came easy, the surface on Ontario was not very irradiated and we were still