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  1. Gator

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    damn rip
  2. Gator

    One IRL Fact About You

    watch this be one of those blatant confessions that people thought was a joke until we see you on dateline 10 years from now
  3. Gator

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    yeah its apparent that people are too set on their ways and too used to the get eachother banned system and theres no convincing. We're trying to suggest a much more productive way to handle reports with little to no downside, and to make the community better. But thats too much apparently. its a shame the server population will dwindle because of it
  4. Gator

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    Yes a lot of reports are rulebreaks, what I'm trying to get across is that instead of immediately going to the forums and attempting to get the person punished, we actually have civil discourse and attempt to talk about why the person did what they did and try to understand it and learn from it. Punishment is not always the best course of action and when you have a community of people constantly trying to get eachother banned it creates a toxic environment. Even if something is a rulebreak out of technicality, sometimes the person has a legitimate IC reason to act the way they did and if we tr
  5. Gator

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    thats the type of attitude that makes toxic servers. "WAAA situation not go my way! Me try to find rule break so I can get you banned haha that will show you!" We're giving legitimate points and reasons as to why this is beneficial. Actually contribute something to the conversation
  6. Gator

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    a lot of yall are missing the point. Yes people shouldnt be able to freely break rules, but too many poeple are reporting out of salt and they just want to get people banned, when for the most part, the dispute can be talked out and whoever made the mistake can learn from it. What do we gain out of someone getting banned? one less player on an already dying server population. Be adults and talk out your problems. There have been many instances where I told someone on discord they shouldnt do what they just did in game and I get met with the response of multiple people telling me "IF THERES A
  7. Sassy sullivan was born in Scotland in 2020. His father claimed he wasnt his and refused to acknowledge his existence, his mother was forced to raise him by herself. He became increasingly angry at his living situation and took out his frustrations by working out and punching trees. By the age of 15 he was an absolute unit of a man and could punch a small tree in half in 2 blows. He played rugby and was a star until he tore his groin and couldnt play anymore. His lungs were also in bad shape since he had been smoking a pack a day since he was 11 years old. He then joined a street gang and bec
  8. Gator

    Allow ISF to patrol slums

    thats literally the entire point of the slums -1
  9. Gator

    One IRL Fact About You

    you cant sweat? wow you must smell good most of the time
  10. Gator

    One IRL Fact About You

    My wife's boyfriend is black
  11. Gator

    ISF Kill Rights

    being in the ISF I heard the same thing multiple times as well. not sure where it came from, however, lets say I were to get into a fight with the ISF and one of them were to log on and run over and kill me without initiating, would anybody say anything to them? How would I know they didnt have rights? They look the same. So it goes both ways, It is extremely difficult if not sometimes impossible for the civilian to be able to identify which ISF have rights on them, and which ones they themselves have rights on
  12. Gator

    ISF Kill Rights

    The bottom line is that if the ISF initiates on you then you get rights on the WHOLE ISF. They are all identical and if one were to log on with out knowing of a situation or going on the radio that is no fault of the citizen, whether or not it was in the very near area of the initial conflict, its still a fair kill
  13. Gator

    ISF Kill Rights

    So scrolling through the reports I found this one And I am very confused with the verdict. I was under the impression that ISF shared rights throughout the whole group. While these guys were in an ACTIVE firefight, Jimmy logs on as ISF wearing an ISF uniform, and leaves the base. Just because he wasnt logged on during the start of the fight, the players were banned for killing him. The ISF are notorious for getting a shit ton of people to log on and come join their fights when shit goes down. So how is it the players responsibility to identify every ISF officer that was present at the in
  14. Gator

    BadRP appeal

    As for me, I did not choose for the hostilities to start. as you can see from the video, I was attempting to roleplay with the man when the fighting just breaks out between brandon and the OP out of nowhere, to which i run in to help. Brandon raised his fists and initiated, and only swung when the man decided to pull out a knife. He did this to try and prevent him from being able to swing it. The ability to build up the roleplay was lost when the fighting started. Like i said I was trying to roleplay and the only reason I stopped was because him and brandon started fighting and I only hit him
  15. Gator

    BadRP appeal

    Sorry I included it in a small edit in the bottom. Like I said, As we were beating him/ standing over his unconcious body, we heard ISF right around the corner. This should be able to be proven by position logs. We feared that they would either come and find us robbing the man, or he would wake up and start screaming for help. our intention was not to just leave him but the RP scenario that was unfolding forced us to flee. Its unfortunate it had to happen like that but it makes more RP sense to not get arrested then to stand and wait for our victim to wake up and risk getting caught