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  1. The Navigator

    Superglock appriciation thread

    Now that @Jadis cool, did eveyone forget the SA-58 Polymer Buttstocks?
  2. The Navigator

    Nav ban appeal

    I did not expect/want anyone to see the bodies as they were both in enclosed places, I wanted them to disapear as fast as they could and the clothing that was on me was in a backpack in another shed on the floor. This was the way how we would tell people it happened to cover it up and connect it to RP. (So it is not an actual suicide or hospitilization due to something else) We didn't need to be naked, nor dressed in fact since we didn't want people seeing it. I originally thought to do it with our clothes on but then noticed it wouldn't make a difference since they both be locked up. So I stu
  3. The Navigator

    Nav ban appeal

    To start off, my character is wanted by the NCC. I am to be arrested on sight from the events of the rebellion. This made me spend most my time in the sewers. I wanted to know most of where it leads and where it goes so I set off exploring to the little drop area behind the bunker. I did not know it was radioactive inside there, if I did I'd either not go, or I would pick up my trader mask from my shed. For the circumstance that was leading to it, when I finally discovered the way out and back, I was really messed up, I was already injured (Yellow Health) and I did not have the option to
  4. The Navigator

    Nav ban appeal

    Link to punishment: Photo Why should our decision be overturned?: Good evening Navigator, you're being banned due to NVFL. You were seen doing a suicide run then had your friend Nova kill you before killing himself. This is false, we dropped from the circle behind the bunker in sewers to explore that new part of it, we found a way out BUT we did not go outside whatsoever, in fact we never EVER went outside after the wipe, we saw the exit and came back. (You can tell from our gear we have absolutely 0 gear from outside, all my gear was stuffed in a bag in my shed, and shed has 0 outside gear
  5. The Navigator

    See ya!

    Saved my life before leaving for good, went out like a hero, take care Winston!
  6. The Navigator

    One IRL Fact About You

    I got shot by an arrow...
  7. The Navigator

    Buff Charcoal tablets

    Ugh...I once filled up 2 packs of charcoal in to extend 24 minutes, little did I knew it would steal 12 minutes from my time to give 24 minutes to my filter life. +1
  8. The Navigator

    Backpack disapearing after log on.

    I'm dumb, pls close.
  9. The Navigator

    Backpack disapearing after log on.

    Discord Name: Chevvy#2026 Location: Winston's apartment. Time and date of the event: 21/09/2020 4.46pm +3gmt Evidence before: None, I didn't screenshot it. But it was @Kaben's black alicebag, he can confirm as he don't have it anymore ^ Evidence after: I put the screenshot as I log on in his apartment, I am still there as you can see. Details of what was lost and what happened: I had to go irl and Winston was afk so I took his bag from the floor to my hand and logged off with it so it didn't disapear, now its gone. We were going to craft some fences and it had inside 4
  10. The Navigator


    Location: Upper Slums Time and date of the event: 08/09/20 1.00am +3 GMT In-game name and allies involved: Artyom Chevonsk, Dushan Savich, Nerz, Neo Zavodsky, Kaben, SC23 and some others in brotherhood. Name of suspect(s): Cipriani's Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: We heard a big fight in slums, we dispatch to investigate and started instantly getting lit up. After we killed the Cipriani's they returned and broke NLR starting to get gear and try to kill us by punching and melee. In between the videos serve
  11. The Navigator

    House Glitch in

    Location: Residential, my house. Time and date of the event: 07/09/20 11:04 AM GMT+03:00 In-game name and allies involved: Artyom Chevonsk, Kayla Dana Name of suspect(s): Cipriani's Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: My house was broken into before Zandolf got breaken into his, the guns they were holding at him in the video are ALL guns from my house and some equipment, like the red shemag on the guy was from my house. I have a day or two old screenshot that will prove 1 of the guns %100 and the the times it happened is very rec
  12. Childhood, (0-10) Artyom was born in Donetsk, Ukraine to Russian Parents. From early age he experienced the horrors of war and politics, saw human suffering and this shaped his character heavily. Being a gifted child Artyom saw why all this was happening, and understood most the reasons behind most politic actions by states and what they seem to gain from them. Little did he know, this trait what he called a "curse" would help him greatly in his adulthood. Seeing backlash of war he understood the meaning of suffering. Nothing disgusted him anymore, not severed limbs not dead bodies.