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  1. I will look into it.
  2. "John" or Zhou will "almost" never tell his past to anyone but this is his story. 2006 - 2025 John Ma (Real name: Zhou Ma) was born and raised in a proud military family that had served for the PLA for generations. Since he was born, John was guaranteed a bright and privileged career path in the military just like all of his relatives. However, John barely got his highschool diploma and hardly able to speak or write in his own language. His family blamed most his failures on his online video game addiction. While growing up, it was common to see John spending at least 6 hour
  3. Rocka

    What Was the Last Thing You Put In Your Mouth?

    How can you reach my toe when I got shoes on
  4. Rocka

    SITREP 009 | 2/14/2020 | "Surveillance"

    UAV online
  5. Rocka

    Roast the person above you

    you broke the rule
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      Nice! Thanks!

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    Real life picture Thread

    Man I can't wait to play on #BastionRP
  8. Rocka


    I want to play BASTION RP

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      me 7

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      hello friendo

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    Real life picture Thread

    Why do you have the skintone of the sexy men in Twilight saga ?
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    Real life picture Thread

    I just got permission from @Cipher. You know the rule 62177563_484548725623155_622504042962092 3
  12. Rocka

    I'm only here to keep Liam in check

    Please respect our staff members
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    Dear Covert and the staff team of Bastion RP,

    I, Rocka declare myself as a guardian and sponsor of Bubbz on this community.

    I will do my very best to make sure he remains under control. I will try to guide and lead him toward being a productive member of the community.

    Your sincerely


    1. Covert


      Good luck, I hope you can keep his head above water.