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  1. Rat



  2. Rat

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    Yo hello???
  3. Rat

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    It was a fantastic experience. I am glad I was able to be apart of this awesome project and community. I will never forget my experiences here and all the awesome people I met. I love you all, I love bastionRP and I hope we can see a return in the future. I remember my first day here at launch. It was the best role play experience I have ever had in my entire life. The months I have spent at bastion has been some of the best times for not only roleplay but gaming in general. Bastion was absolutely a success no matter how you look at it. It shook the role play/dayz community up and
  4. Rat

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    Who’s tryna catch these hands in chess tho
  5. Rat


    Logs posted above. @xCKube Please provide a full detailed PoV of the whole situation. Calling @Ed @Arshz for their full detailed PoV of the whole situation.
  6. Rat

    Don't make the outside ENTIRELY inhospitable

    So the current plan as far is I know, is to make it so you will need to come back into the walls no matter what. This is the gameplay loop that BastionRP was built around You get gear to go outside You go outside and find guns etc. You run out of radiation tablets gas mask filters etc. You come back into the walls to get more and risk getting caught by the ISF Making an RP hub outside of the walls where you are "safe" would ruin the gamplay loop. You will definitely be able to survive out there for long periods of time if you have the money/equipment to do so. But
  7. Rat

    NVFL - Docks

    @rajjip Did you end up kill the person you had in handcuffs?
  8. Rat

    NVFL - Docks

    Logs Posted above calling @Waavy for their PoV! @rajjip Please check your time in your report are you sure that time is correct?
  9. Rat

    False ID, KWR, No Initiation

    @Hood Were you speaking to anybody that was involved in the situation at 4 -430 in the video? @Gouldy63 Are you over the age of sixteen per rule 1.1?
  10. Rat

    Staff Report: NVFL

    @FadedRP Has been temporarily banned due to multiple reports.
  11. Rat

    RDM in ISF HQ

    Calling @Tripl3_33for their PoV, if you have video evidence of the situation please submit it!
  12. Rat

    Staff Report: NVFL

    Hit logs posted above, Calling @Kai @FadedRP for their PoVs. Do either of you have video evidence of your PoV?
  13. Rat

    RDM Report

    Please post an unedited version of your PoV all evidence you have is crucial for the staff team to be able to make a fair decision in the report. @Sad Mickey Do you have video evidence at all?
  14. Rat

    RDM Report

    Logs posted above! Calling in @Sad Mickey @OopsGotEm for their Povs! Do either of you have video evidence to submit?
  15. Rat

    NLR x2

    As stated above please refrain from posting on the thread unless you have additional evidence to submit!