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  1. Tridon77


    Yo bros. It's kinda crazy but like, I got my head exploded. All good though I reincarnated.

    1. Wong



  2. Johnathan was born to middle class immigrants whom had moved over from the states to Italy before the war between the NATO-CTSO Coalition and the PRC had gone into full swing. Despite being raised in Italy, his parents had raised him with a more 'American' culture mindset in mind which often made him the subject of alienation in his early childhood life- especially due to his lack of ability to learn the Italian language. When the bombs fell upon he and his family had quickly rushed themselves to the nearby Bastion where they found safety within its walls. With the reformation of the NCC and t
  3. Tridon77

    RP Shoutouts

    Bros I'm still in a state of shock @DeadplexYou and your character are beautiful, I honestly had one of my most emotional moments with that conversation. Thank you. For everything. @StriderBig PW. Ill see you in the next life. @JimmyStick to the routine. All your voices are amazing, and your characters are always exotic. Thank you for all the RP you've given me. @PeachesBOOYAA. @DriverBOOYAA @ZandwalfWe had our in character up and downs. But I like to think we really connected at one point. Tis was a pleasure knowing you and thank you for the rp you've
  4. Tridon77

    Struggling in GMT

    If you want to struggle less in GMT for OIM, the EU amongst us need to step up and fill the plate. A majority of us are not on your timezone and it just isn't sustainable to get up at 8 AM to tend to your needs. We are not omnipotent. We need sleep too, and need to work, and need to do other things. TLDR Europeans go sign up for OIM. Even then. We should not be your only source of points. Going out and being a useful member of loyalist society I.E. Providing information, defending the Commissioner in the recent attempted AOIN factory raid, so and so forth. Also @Ma
  5. Tridon77

    NVL Time suggestion

    Two minute, even one, is far too much time to offer compliance and would make hostile roleplay impossible. And this is coming from someone who barely does any. AT MOST the victim should be given ten seconds to comply to clear, concise, repeated demands. That is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to comply. And if it takes you two minutes to put your hands up, or to figure out your being robbed, then that isn't a problem with our ruleset. More so a problem with yourself. Also agreed with Strider. Two minutes for you to call the boys to cross the map and save you.
  6. Tridon77

    Staff Feedback - Panic

    Great staff member, amazing player. You're just fantastic, keep it up.
  7. Tridon77


    For the record, I heard second hand that loot is not corresponding to radiation by Marvolo's thinking. He may correct me if I'm wrong. You can have low rads in a high loot area and vice versa. And what drew me to this conclusion for the need of RAD-X was the fact that in spite of wearing the best gas mask, and a full NBC suit, me and the NCC pathfinders had to absolutely cheese to live. We didn't loot. We were just passing by. But the zone was huge, and our only option was radiation pills. There has to be some sort of alternative that doesn't involve having to remove a
  8. Tridon77


    There is currently no viable way of reducing your radiation when your in a large pocket of radiation, not without being extremely cheesy towards the system. The pills require you to take off your mask, which essentially means death in triple digits rads. There should be some sort of anti-radiation syringe or similar product that reduces a large amount of rads without the need of having to remove your gas mask in exchange for the potential to overdose if you take too many. I see this as something that the NCC would definitely be producing, and something absolutely nessecary for expl
  9. Tridon77

    RP Shoutouts

    @Panic @Strider Text rp gang gang These two folks I @'ed up there are absolutely quality people. Make everything enjoyable 10/10
  10. Tridon77

    Staff Feedback - CUDA

    Your a traitor. And God damn it do I love you. 10/10 very epic staff member and roleplayer
  11. Tridon77

    Outlaw external VOIP

    Nope. Not possible.
  12. Tridon77

    See ya!

    Love ya Kaben. The roleplay was genuinely great with Winston, but I have a feeling we'll still be seeing each other.
  13. Tridon77

    Tridon's invalid execution ban appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: I'm here to ask for a little bit of leniency in regards to this ban. In my ban reason it listed 'attempted' invalid kill with roleplay, as if I was trying to kill him in that situation. In reality the case was a little different. I was dead set on having him set on a more proper, 'CLA' fashion trial infront of a bigger judge. However, after the interrogation, when weapons were raised, I had for a moment completely forgotten about that plan and simply mimicked what everyone else was doing in the moment. You
  14. Tridon77

    Invalid Kill with Roleplay

    I don't have any video evidence, unfortunately. But it can be attested to. I was on patrol with my CLA character, accompanied by @Kestrel. On our patrol someone from the 'white shirt' group that Kestrel described approached us. He explained that he had what he suspected to be a spy asking insistently for a long range radio, and that if we desired, he would have us positioned at the back of his shop and lure the suspected spy into the back. Me and Kestrel agree to go, along with @Casey Sheltonwho also accompanies us. We hid in the back of the store when the suspect in question walked in.
  15. Tridon77

    OIM Notice - Overseer of Contraband Disposal

    Mikhail Kuznetsov - 50854 - Manager