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  1. Tridon77

    OIM Notice - Overseer of Contraband Disposal

    Mikhail Kuznetsov - 50854 - Manager
  2. Tridon77

    OIM Security

    Super agree with this +1
  3. Tridon77

    Don't make the outside ENTIRELY inhospitable

    It is possible to live outside the wall without radiation equipment(Or in my case, running out of equipment). I was trapped in a pocket of no radiation for seven actual days just living off the land like a hermit and its somewhat sustainable(Not on a mass scale) so if you're really keen on living outside you can do it, it will just be slightly difficult. That said it was certainly fun to go back to the Bastion slightly out of wack from being isolated. However. The RP hub should always remain the Bastion. If we deviate from that its just gonna be normal Dayz where you only meet people at Trader
  4. Tridon77

    Compensation Suggestion

    +1 If its a clear rulebreak, and you have proof of what you had on you, you should definitely be offered compensation.
  5. Tridon77

    RP Shoutouts

    Shout out to @Clumsy for the very epic medical roleplay. Shout out to @Dushanfor the very epic dying roleplay. Shout out to @Kabenfor the very epic high-class citizen roleplay. Shout out to @K-Jackfor the very epic gear rp.
  6. Tridon77

    William Garret - 50383 - Research Assistant

    Link your character sheet: What is your Citizen Class?: E Class How many reputation points have you earned for the department you are applying for?: N/A What sort of roleplay experience do you have that is relevant, for the department you are applying for?: Acted as a freelancing research assistant for the 'Ecologists' faction for about three months on the Stalkerz server collecting scientific samples and researching anomalies. Have you interacted with the department frequently? Explain: Negative
  7. Tridon77

    Increase Respawn Timer

    I don't mind the 30 minute timer tbh. Adds consequence to people trying to be idiots. There has been far too much NVFL, this will make them care.
  8. Tridon77

    One IRL Fact About You

    Played three years of American football.
  9. Tridon77

    Staff Feedback - marvolo

    Marvolo is extremely based and has put a great deal of my concerns to ease. Hes just great. +1
  10. Tridon77

    Remove ADS stamina drain

    Its realistic, ill say that much. I don't know about you but I've started shooting irl recently. And I've noticed that unless I have my gun on something, I actually have to take a breather every thirty or so seconds to lower my gun and regain my stamina. Its perfectly fine to me.
  11. Tridon77

    Attempted RDM/Bad Initiation/Bad Roleplay/Baiting - Tridon

    Location: Apartments just outside of slums, by the banking machine Time and date of the event: 9/10/2020 at around 10 PM Est In-game name and allies involved: Tridon77 Name of suspect(s): Unknown, I suspect its the RP boys? Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: I was jogging to the banking machine to deposit the credits on my person. Just next to the machine a fully naked person calls out to me and asks for food. I reply by saying that I don't have any food to give. The person replies 'What do you mean
  12. Tridon77

    The Loot Table

    I did a run today which quite literally brought me across the whole of the map, visiting every area I know of or have been told about in search of high loot, which is what ended up inspiring me to make the suggestion. As far as I know, the only people to have visited the places I've gone to are my own associates, who reported similar things as I. I would show you the mess of a map I have made, and the dozens of markers I've put down, but that would be a little metagamey.
  13. Tridon77

    The Loot Table

    That's fine. I'd much rather it be harder and more worthwhile than what it is now.
  14. Tridon77

    The Loot Table

    @Psychonaut I get that but the outside is the main way to stay sustainable for criminal like groups, or people who do not work with the OIM. Without it, it cuts off a lot of roleplay and opportunity.
  15. Tridon77

    The Loot Table

    So lets get this straight. I know there has been changes and whatnot to the lootspawns with their slight tweakings for balancing. But I must say that in its current state, it is pretty much not worth it to go outside. The supplies you gain from the outside do not at all cover the costs. Guns are more common than the ammo, or magazines, for them. So this ends up with you having lots of empty guns, and a scarce amount of magazines. for them, if any at all.(Once upon a time we had sixteen FN-FNX's and not one magazine, absolutely stupid). It should be the exact other way around. There is