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    no cow in bastion, only boy

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    Hello there

    wow not even whitelisted yet line this man up against the wall pls
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    1. Salem



    2. Wong



    3. The Majestic Waffle

      The Majestic Waffle


  4. RickVIce

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    Can't go wrong with Avenged 10/10

  5. RickVIce

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    A bambozillian of pictures over the last month I've taken on Bastion. It's been a blast so far and hopefully that won't stop.20200913050738_1.thumb.jpg.7e103a624ba42ba91da7ddb830b36acc.jpg20200913064431_1.thumb.jpg.bbd6f602c8d05c36bc2c2258f480c7f9.jpg20200912002215_1.thumb.jpg.c790fa2d3f4c6cf1adec9a6386467588.jpg20200913035346_1.thumb.jpg.475e5749d5ce03af1e6d14ab1b3339ef.jpg20200913031220_1.thumb.jpg.02948d182f0264038414e727b7de796a.jpg20200913013223_1.thumb.jpg.41369d1fbebf2b6f6eec96f460e96d7a.jpg20200913002828_1.thumb.jpg.b9caf3bcfe6343e2a9c530330f0d919c.jpg20200908234109_1.thumb.jpg.66f7c389fafc7333a4bb67b9abc40c8d.jpg20200908022642_1.thumb.jpg.d22cebc042d280c18136a0b68dbfb4c5.jpg20200908051409_1.thumb.jpg.2b6d48db814b39f3b6c265d07167c425.jpg20200904013042_1.thumb.jpg.0f41c167baa66d9e7d64d196a283d017.jpg20200908012628_1.thumb.jpg.260cd69854d463c45a0cd73c6ff3247e.jpg20200908011736_1.thumb.jpg.0c9bf56ac5eef5e1f78fc4c27ec1acaa.jpg20200907044306_1.thumb.jpg.c1e143d2b6c5fd6c36774a19fcbecf55.jpg20200904013046_1.thumb.jpg.61dc268f3a93cc3de0a850c126ff4db7.jpg20200903000525_1.thumb.jpg.74a56c0418f6686f5c6a11f487db4420.jpg20200903231252_1.thumb.jpg.a4a23473a3475f45ea4e2ead76057591.jpg20200903005120_1.thumb.jpg.350b7a3a571dbc4eb1d5069bbae2f530.jpg20200901193446_1.thumb.jpg.3d2ed343524fb51c92d48e60058086e5.jpg20200830230313_1.thumb.jpg.63fa178ebeda408999f4940dcba7de14.jpg20200830034459_1.thumb.jpg.521fd23189cc9bd7e70b39ec71e4e965.jpg20200830034127_1.thumb.jpg.20436bf22e30e0d237fa0dbfaabf1ce0.jpg20200823152739_1.thumb.jpg.3bfd739624298f2c22077f7a8e7a77b6.jpg20200826205920_1.thumb.jpg.b1b554c647e95fe4722a72ad7fe9db6a.jpg20200826205858_1.thumb.jpg.e112853d5b62fbf19570f10cef49b5b4.jpg20200823232419_1.thumb.jpg.ca856c62dbbfdb3b966ea3738d6ac36e.jpg20200823000634_1.thumb.jpg.debc05de4d8a4f8a24485e426738019c.jpg20200822230223_1.thumb.jpg.3e92bcc869f664f5a46cb8bfb56a3b2c.jpg20200822011404_1.thumb.jpg.3b321685f44e0bda9ff42a94f1c7092b.jpg20200822003246_1.thumb.jpg.bb20107d14c9c63d58a6201ce42faaf0.jpg20200821221931_1.thumb.jpg.af01a32ca43f8705cef5138546e2cb65.jpg20200823005136_1.thumb.jpg.1905ebe59fb50d578d06c0b2adaff8da.jpg20200820160434_1.thumb.jpg.74832014ea8d74c1e03f75eebf9e5853.jpg20200820160110_1.thumb.jpg.b5ac7127fbcac3fda78797c3da27c7fb.jpg20200820155956_1.thumb.jpg.d6de41b71ff5ad871f655d38cb977371.jpg

    1. ProwleR


      I love these status updates with the pics


    2. Preacher XIX

      Preacher XIX

      These pics are great u need to drop by the preachers pawn emporium say hi and have a pic together 

  7. RickVIce

    Staff Feedback - undead

    Reimbursed our booboo gear on several occasions, very nice to deal with, his hair pokes through his beret though.. Always see him down in the support channel instead of out in the streets beating on the civvies. 10/10 Admin -2/10 ISF beating quota.
  8. RickVIce

    ISF Burnout?

    Prowler bamboozles it forth as usual.
  9. RickVIce

    Staff Feedback - CUDA

    Pretty weird guy. No idea where this guy came from. Helped me out when my gear bamboozled off though, so I guess he's a pretty cool guy and everything I said before doesn't count. 10/10. Also has the best characters in human history of RP.
  10. RickVIce

    Staff Feedback - Cipher

    Helped me once when I couldn't get on without crashing. Helped me again when I was the first recorded ISF death by being launched off a scaffolding and out to the sea. Swell guy to deal with. 10/10
  11. RickVIce

    Staff Feedback - Jimmy

    Pretty cool guy. Gets on even when he's busy to reimburse me for bugged gear or if I somehow in a magical way manage to get stuck in a way no one could have foreseen.. 10/10 always helpful.
  12. RickVIce

    Staff Feedback - Wong

    Don't know this T'Challa fellow, but this guy Wong is pretty cool. Helped me with reimbursing bugged and stolen PF gear, prior to new rules ofc. Also helped me a lot when I've generally bugged out or gotten stuck. Good guy 10/10. Don't like this T'Challa though, fuck that guy. Wong 4 lyfe.
  13. RickVIce

    ISF Burnout?

    I think there's a whole bunch of things going down at the same time. Theres the new SOP with new things to consider and learn. I think some felt it was unfair and/or wrong to basically remove DART. I obviously can't speak for anyone but I agree it was the wrong time for it, considering the guns and chaos. Should have waited for the map and loot table patches. And we've basically just started, I've been part of many communities and some people always lose the spark to stay and play after a while. I definitively feel like all of the above are or have contributed to lack of ISF activity
  14. RickVIce

    RP Shoutouts

    Shotout to @CUDA for playing Gaz(?) As always your characters are just epic and add so much to the RP. Watching you with the spear was also amazing lmao.
  15. RickVIce

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