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  1. RickVIce


    ❤️ you all, gave me helluva good time and some solid new friends.

    FUGLYPUGLY.gif.3bd1530b704f002e7afc4ad958882a37.gif ONE FINAL BOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RickVIce

    My Bastion Collage

    This is not finished, and it seems like it might not ever be fully finished now, though time will tell. I made this with all the persisting characters in mind, the Bastioneers I would usually meet daily on one of my characters. I'm sad to say not everyone is on here, as some may have left or had their characters die before I could get a picture, or simply because after I started working on this I never managed to snatch a picture of their character. It might be a bit dissapointing for some of you, and I'm sorry for that. But do know you still made an impact on my time here and I greatly ap
  3. RickVIce


    i hate paper

    my job consists of 70% paperwork


  4. RickVIce

    Howdy, New Here!

    Welcome! Your newly assigned nickname is now Big Daddy, with all the children running around. Hope to catch you ingame soon, best of luck on your application!
  5. RickVIce

    Whats Up!

    Solid enthusiasm there. Welcome, hopefully you'll be shaking on the server before too long. Best of luck with the whitelist app!
  6. RickVIce


    There is a monster in the trees
    but no one believes me :(

    1. Strider


      its me

      im the monster 

  7. RickVIce


    Welcome! Best of luck with your whitelist application! Hopefully we'll see you in-game soon!
  8. RickVIce

    Hi Just Starting Tonight

    Welcome! Boy I bet you got some stories to tell. Hope to catch you ingame!
  9. RickVIce

    hello im the new guy

    Hello the new guy, and welcome!
  10. RickVIce

    Whitelist Closed Temporarily

    Usually a day or two, it all depends on how busy the staff reviewing the apps are. Most are probably out and about considering it's friday. I'd bet it would get reviewed sometime tomorrow. Best of luck!
  11. RickVIce

    Application Submitted, (I’m so excited :)

    Welcome! Hopefully I'll catch some RP with you at some point. Best of luck on your whitelist app!
  12. RickVIce

    New player!

    Welcome! Hope to catch you in-game soon! Best of luck with your whitelist application
  13. Wong

    • Wong
    • RickVIce

    Nice purple name

    1. RickVIce


      Pink was better smh my head

  14. RickVIce

    • RickVIce
    • Droz



  15. Strider

    • Strider
    • RickVIce

    big man on campus 

    good job

    1. RickVIce