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  2. Riggs

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    Shut fucking mouth
  3. Riggs

    NVL Time suggestion

    2 minutes is a huge amount of time in a hostile interaction, wtf. I challange you to initiate on someone and wait for two minutes until they comply. If it takes them 2 full minutes to follow some simple demands they are quite possibly braindead.
  4. Riggs

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    BastionRP | Patch Notes Version A2.4 - October 21st, 2020 Guns: THE SUPERGLOCK @Jad@Jad@Jad@Jad@Jad@Jad
  5. Riggs

    RP Shoutouts

    Shoutout to the ISF agent we took hostage, was nice having a chill chat. Bring vodka next time Edit: Found out it was @xanax, was great RP lad
  6. Riggs


    Only person that was CLA in the group that robbed you was @Kestrel, who is now playing a different character, noone else. Just thought I'd clear that up
  7. Riggs


    POV: I was looking for my guys in the sewers when I found the crate on the ground that they were arguning over. @BigBoss threatened us stating 'I can promise you I will come and get it back from you'. We then offer them the crate back but they run off, to which one of us hears them reloading a gun inside a shack. We then confront them on the surface about it (knowing full well one of them went to get a gun). Words are exchanged, I initiate on them all making sure they knew who was getting initiated on by stating 'you in the cowboy hats'. Most of them comply other than BigBoss who starts w
  8. Riggs


    This already exists ingame
  9. Riggs


    Rads are still far too easy. Make them harder but give a better, more expensive alternative to pills that you can use without a gasmask +1
  10. Riggs

    Unfair play ?

    Nothing wrong with what we did. We manage to get ahold of a full set of ISF gear and used it to impersonate ISF troopers inorder to rob the store. This was all done within roleplay I don't see the point of giving a full POV as no rules were broken on our end. This was an RP situation
  11. Riggs

    Superglock appriciation thread

  12. Riggs


    That's hot
  13. Riggs

    Share your screenshots!

    @Strider Oh shit oh fuck I found @Jad, hopefully he uploaded the Superglock files first!
  14. Riggs

    Patch Notes | A2.3

  15. Riggs

    Deathmatch -

    I guess I'll address each point inturn since I'm not exactly sure what I'm being reported for. As I said in my PK app, I don't have any bad blood OOC with you, and if I did that wouldn't matter because this is IC development and we manage to keep IC and OOC seperate, despite what you think. Yes, we were robbing people that were coming in and out of the Bastion, and happened to come across you. Those that were still playing their old charcters recognised your voice (including me), remebering that you were a Brotherhood deserter who ratted on Winston Smith. We found