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  1. The Majestic Waffle

    The Majestic Waffle

    Another adventure on the magic schoolbus.











    1. Tony Stark

      Tony Stark

      Cool pics!

  2. The Majestic Waffle

    Commission 3D Modelling and Printing

    Oh NCC... He's serious.
  3. The Majestic Waffle

    Suicide bombed on the square

    Unfortunately there isn't much to add on my end. We didn't do anything besides walk around. The only time we even came close to the entrance of the slums was for only a few seconds, in which both @Quill who was the other patrolling trooper and @Kaben can confirm we didn't initiate or even interact with anyone. We had a report of someone with grenades, laid down for a few moments in a house then went on top of the hospital roof. After seeing nothing we made our way back.
  4. The Majestic Waffle

    The Majestic Waffle

    Yet another pathfinding.
    - For some reason it posted the last update's images too.









    1. Zandwalf


      Love the pics!

  5. Clumsy

    • Clumsy
    • The Majestic Waffle

    When Novak finally hears "Yes"


    Got some cleaning to do! :P

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    2. The Majestic Waffle

      The Majestic Waffle

      His 7.62 broom is all he needs.

    3. Clumsy


      LOL I'll take being the nice one 

    4. DevilBlade



  6. The Majestic Waffle

    Not In My Living Room

    Doggie landmines.
  7. The Majestic Waffle

    One IRL Fact About You

    I can't stand being wet
  8. The Majestic Waffle

    The Majestic Waffle

    Another few pics from our outside adventures.












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    2. ProwleR


      Just like with Rick's posts. I LOVE THESE updates with the pictures. Thank you.

    3. Strider


      These skull balaclavas aren't part of the gear SOPs!

    4. RickVIce


      "These skull balaclavas aren't part of the gear SOPs!"


  9. The Majestic Waffle

    Staff Feedback - undead

    This unfortunate soul was the first ever victim to the Pathfinder gear list. I'm aware we can never compensate you for the physical, let alone emotional trauma you received when we asked you to accommodate our ever expanding needs, but I hope that our love and support will be enough to make you forget that it ever happened. Thanks for being here, and keep up the great work.
  10. The Majestic Waffle

    Staff Feedback - Jimmy

    Genuinely good staff member that I unfortunately have to consistently rely upon. Excellent addition to this community, with my only complaint being I'm unable to be with him at all times. Please, try to fix this issue in the future @Jimmy. Other than that, he's got my 10/10. Thanks for everything so far.
  11. The Majestic Waffle

    Staff Feedback - Panic

    Linked me to this page and told me to paste the following review: "Moderator Panic's consistent swift responses to not only my needs, but the needs of all the homeless and desperate in the support channel have been exhilarating. It's a breath of fresh air to see a vigilant staff member who can effectively manage the hungry masses. I formerly recommend ascension above this peon rank to something more suitable, perhaps a 'Community Lead' role? I digress. Please, keep up the great work and I wish you luck along your journey."
  12. The Majestic Waffle

    Staff Feedback - Wong

    My first impressions of this restaurant were sketchy at best. The location was a bit difficult to get to and parking was an absolute nightmare. I had to go four blocks away to a parking garage that was far too overpriced for the quality and space it provided. But what can you expect in downtown Korolograd? As I was walking to the shop from my car I really got an unsafe feeling. Lots of unemployed dart members lingering on the sides of the street, generally harassing passing individuals. I was even catcalled which only turned my bad mood to worse. However, when I finally made it to my destinati
  13. The Majestic Waffle

    ISF Burnout?

    As of recent, the outside has honestly been far safer for us as Pathfinders than simply sitting in our base in low activity hours. It rags on you when every moment you have to be prepared to be engaged, because the moment you drop your guard to do some roleplay a group of ten guys will come up with guns and kill you for your ISF equipment. Even in our base we'll have people pop in and knock officers unconscious or raid our contraband stores. I know, 90% of these issues will be fixed in the future, but until then it's very difficult for ISF guys/gals who enjoy RP just as much as anyone else to
  14. The Majestic Waffle


    Yeah the video pretty much explains all of it. We received a report that there were multiple people exiting the bastion through the rock face from Lieutenant Mckenzie (Wong), we happened to be at the gates readying to leave for an expedition so we jogged out to the bridge and looked down. At that point myself and RickVice took positions on the high ground, while Bear removed his gas mask and ran up to verbally initiate. Just to be sure, RickVice also initiated with a megaphone. After they were given multiple warnings to cease and the consequence was made clear that disobeying would lead to the
  15. The Majestic Waffle

    The Majestic Waffle

    Just some more pics from the first multi-day patrol. Was some real good fun with @RickVIce and @BeardedBear.







    1. ProwleR


      I love these, and I love you. 

    2. Strider


      The boys