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  1. Kaben

    What type of content would you like to see?

    Do what you enjoy doing mate
  2. Kaben


    Bored GIF

    1. Mikey


      yet another outstanding post from Kaben

  3. Kaben

    • Kaben
    • Kestrel

    happy birthday, now old enough to be a - dog nonce

  4. Kaben

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    Dont break rules, dont get banned ;)
  5. Kaben


  6. Kaben

    Buff Charcoal tablets

    +1 Dangerous dog nonce
  7. Kaben

    Backpack disapearing after log on.

    I have the bag in my hands lol, sry
  8. Kaben

    Add Shemags to the Trader/Vendors

    -1 let the players find and sell them
  9. Kaben

    Staff Feedback - marvolo

    What a guy, offered to jump off of the citadel for a photo.
  10. Kaben

    Loading Screen Snippets Contest [ENTER HERE]

    Lore. The ISF are your friends! Lore. The OIM will handle your request in fourteen business days.
  11. Kaben

    Allow ISF to patrol slums

    I think instead of allowing ISF in there should be blockades on the way to the slums from within the city. Such as checkpoints or complete barriers on roads towards the slums. This way the slums keeps its sole purpose of being the crime epicenter and it also prevents mongs running in whilst being pursued by ISF. With the sewers being added in as well I'm pretty sure most crime will take place below since it's such a wide area, and I think pathfinders will be able to go down but don't quite me on that.
  12. Ed

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    • Kaben

    Rest in peace Akinwale Jr. Oluwafolajimi Oluwatope Arobieke.

    1. Strider


      Missing you already, Akinwale Jr. Oluwafolajimi Oluwatope Arobieke.

    2. Kaben


      Aki enabled my minge side, he's is gone and forgotten


    3. Riggs


      The Aki code will never be forgotten.

  13. SC23

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    gwan, just gie us a squeeze lad

  14. Kaben


    If you feel I have broken any rules submit a report. I am in fact, the forum squeezer