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  1. ProwleR

    Commission 3D Modelling and Printing

    Sick. Then I think Mula said he'd take a shot at the 3d model.
  2. ProwleR

    Commission 3D Modelling and Printing

    That'd be sick @Whip if someone can put them into a 3D printing format, once I inevitably get them made--then I'll hit you up. I'm not a cheapo, so compensation will be fair at the very least.
  3. ProwleR

    Commission 3D Modelling and Printing

    Yo, anyone in this community adept with 3D modeling models for 3D printing? I jokingly tossed around an idea while I was talking to my main slices @The Majestic Waffle and @RickVIce earlier tonight, and the idea stuck with my. So now I want to see it become reality. Basically, I'll provide whomever takes on the challenge with a single image of me sitting in a massive chair. I need to have it modelled and printed so I can send it over to Waffle to cherish until the end of time.
  4. ProwleR


    I miss my Cude Dude 😭

    Come back to us, brother


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ProwleR


      I know, but that won't stop me from missing him every waking second of my life.


    3. Jimmy


      Cuda has played with me the past three days!

    4. ProwleR


      Stop! My heart can't take it. Please. 😭


  5. ProwleR

    Rate the profile above you

    Very relaxing. 10/10 for sure. Colors all go well together, music comes in smoothly. Love it, and love you WeeMan. Mine isn't that great, so I'm ready for my roasting.
  6. ProwleR

    Suicide bombed on the square

    The only other officers that were online were @The Majestic Waffle and @Quill. I just asked Waffle over voice if he interacted with anyone. May I call him to give his POV? We were the only 4 ISF members on at the time, and myself and McSweeny came from the ISF base only interacting with the one person in the clip I provided. Besides that point, a single threat resulting in blowing one's self up seems ludicrous and kinda' NVFL.
  7. ProwleR

    Suicide bombed on the square

    I play one of the officers that died. I have a video of it. Quick rundown of the video: - At the start we are warned of people in the slums with grenades. That's all. - I notify other ISF of the potential grenade wielding civis. - We go to the square to find the doctor so that another ISF trooper can get his blood drawn. - We meet up with some other officers, swap patrol partners, and converse with a well known civilian. - Suicide bomber sprints around the corner, my spidey sense tells me there's danger--I rush my hand back to my mouse and almost knock over my hot bowl of ramen.
  8. ProwleR

    RP Shoutouts

    @Jimmy @Strider @Mula @Wong @Droz @Undead @Scott Smithy @The Majestic Waffle @RickVIce @rajjip Big shout out to all of the hostage takers in the hostage situation yesterday. I'm glad the cops didn't get called on you guys as you were screaming at the top of your lungs that you'd blow someone's head off and blow them up with IEDs. Big shout out to the RP that the pathfinders & Rajjip had with Undead. I heard about it, and I loved it. I've been having an absolute blast on the server the last 3 days, and it's largely because of you guys. Thank you.
  9. RickVIce

    • RickVIce
    • ProwleR



  10. ProwleR


    1. RickVIce


      Hey Lieutenant when can I use the big gun blyat

  11. ProwleR

    Make the wasteland threatening: Zombie Modding

    I echo what wong said about "it should be harder to survive" and that it's not a con. It's really a pro. Difficulty can be fun, because it means managing resources more. However, this could change with the wipe and loot table re-balance. +1
  12. ProwleR

    What's the deal with ISF communications?

    Yeah, for sure! Thanks for bringing it up. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. ProwleR

    What's the deal with ISF communications?

    Or, straight from the ISF Trooper Handbook Understandably, sometimes this slips by as it take some getting used to for new recruits and troopers. But it's something that we STRONGLY push toward. I know that I slip sometimes and catch myself and correct it. Unconsciousness & death in IC radio: When an ISF officer is in the IC radio and is ICly unconscious or dead, they may not relay this information, nor their location ICly or OOCly. This falls under metagame as it’s something that the other characters would not know. Speaking in game during radio use: When meaning to sp
  14. ProwleR

    ISF Burnout?

    Hi, My forum and discord name is ProwleR. I play MSG Prinya Davasyk. In my time in the ISF, I've trained like 20 people after alpha launch, written a couple documents (with the help and contribution of some others), and spent 4-12 hours on the server per day depending on the day of the week. I suppose I have a few points to echo, and a couple points to make. First: Xanax said it very well. It's just not what the ISF signed up for. Second: Timberwolf makes a great point. Our patrols at this point consist of getting attacked by people that are experiencing their fi
  15. ProwleR

    SITREP 012 | 9/5/2020 | Rats

    @Jimmy what the heck dude?! You know that's my kind of post to make and you did it first?! Great job staff and community members included for keeping the dream alive.