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    Hey! Surprised to see you here! <3

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      The Marshal is contractually obliged to play on every Dayz roleplaying server known to mankind.

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      Hey! I was asked to come check this place out and give some opinions. The premise interests me, I’ve not seen anything like it before.

  2. Mattis was born in 1997, his Father a Bounty Hunter and his Mother a Bartender. He does not hold some tragic upbringing, his parents stayed together, hardly ever fought, and they always had enough to eat. When Mattis turned 18, he sought his freedom from the stuffy small town they lived in by joining the Marines, and he was paged into the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team after 12 months, recruited for his stature and proficiency in weapons and their hand to hand training. He spent 5 years in the unit, seeing combat several times during Embassy attacks and pirates ambushing ships. His career