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  1. Rajjip

    Application issue?

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    Server is no longer up. A similar server is in progress, you can join the discord to find out more.
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    Server isn't open right now.
  4. Rajjip

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory: BKG-023 was mostly destroyed after the destruction of a full scale Chinese assault, majority of the walls are down. It is now in ruins and only scavengers go there to sift through the remenants of civilisation. Very small, hastily built Bastions are made, with an economy based on their trade and standing with other Bastions governed by their own leaders. Criminal types and outlaws roam between, ambushing the trading routes with their own camps that they live at. Bastions have to either work together in order to succeed, or destroy each other in a fight for resources
  5. Thank you to everyone I ever RP'd with here. I've made some good friends.

    In the last few weeks there's been some that stand out:

    @Wong@Kas@Rat@Salem@Stes@Rogue@Cory@Scott Smithy@PParrot@jimyh


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    My Bastion Collage

  7. Rajjip

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

  8. Rajjip

    Playable Guitar mod

    This would be pretty awesome +1
  9. Rajjip

    CoCo's Senseless Killing.

    Rajjip's POV: I was on as civ, and @BigRome was being a complete minge. He was crouching around screaming "Ligma Balls", pretending to suck off his friend on yelling infront of a large crowd. His friend was also a part of this and was doing it with him, but not as badly. It got so bad that a few people walked away from the situation because of his childish TrollRP. After this, because he was being disrespectful towards myself and @Scott Smithy we tried to rob him in the alley. As said previous, he lagged out or something and we left him be, and didn't take anything. I died before
  10. Rajjip

    Patch Notes | A2.6

  11. Rajjip

    What are your ideas to improve BastionRP?

    More events would be good, either player or admin ran. These could be cannibal encounters, boxing matches, more OIM shifts and things like that. I've noticed an increase in hostage situations which are always fun for ISF, it allows DART to do their jobs as well. Also, drugs.
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    • Rajjip
    • Jason Kile

    RIP 😔


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    Player Report

    Negative on that
  15. Rajjip

    Player Report

    Rajjip POV: I knew DART were going to push, I had my hands up on the outside room so that they wouldn't accidently shoot me as I was involved in the whole thing with Jason. Xanax shouted "Show me your hands" 3 times as he was pushing into the room and I could see Jason, he had a UMP raised and was shot dead after about 3 seconds from what I recall