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  1. Strider

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    • Panic

    Praying for rain ☔

    1. Panic


      Perhaps rain will come ⛈️

  2. Panic

    Compensation Request

    Without any before evidence it's hard to justify giving you 200 credits. Do you have anything else to show that you originally held the credits? In the future I suggest you screen shot your bank balance along with a text timestamp via //timestamp so staff can confirm evidence. Join leave logs:
  3. Panic

    Comp Request

    Do you still need this request fulfilled @Alix I was not notified of the edit so I apologize for the delay.
  4. Panic

    Staff Feedback - Panic

    So much sarcasm in one post. How do I put in a request for my head of outreach to be reeducated? Also couldn't have been me. I was in navigation.
  5. Panic

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    The profile banner 🌠 my heart 💔

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    2. Strider



    3. Riggs


      Like cottage cheese

    4. blundeag


      Invest in this hand meme and then touch your face for maximum profit! :  MemeEconomy

  6. Panic

    Share your screenshots!

  7. Strider

    • Strider
    • Panic

    i saw that 


    1. Panic


      No you didn't.

      This is going on your file.

    2. Strider


      Must have been the wind.

  8. Panic

    Share your screenshots!

    Glory to the NCC I hate my job
  9. Panic

    Comp Request

    It has been longer than 24 hours and the OP still has not updated their post. This request will be closed.
  10. Panic

    Comp Request

    Without any evidence of owning a dosimeter we can not compensate you. Unless you have evidence of ownership this request will be closed. @Alix
  11. Panic

    Metagaming and 7.2

    Please do not participate in back and forth conversation. Post your POV along with any evidence you may have. This is your only warning.
  12. Panic

    OIM Notice - Overseer of Contraband Disposal

    Applications are now re open. Please mail your application to Elizabeth Kaiser of the OIM.
  13. Panic


    I placed them about an hour ago and they are still there.
  14. Panic


    There are currently static workbenches that cant be stolen/moved placed in the industrial. You just have to ask around to find them.
  15. Panic

    OIM - Korolgrand Citizen Score Interviews

    OFFICE OF INTERNAL MANAGEMENT Notice: Due to the recent unrest and occupation of CLA forces the NCC will be reducing all citizen scores of those who were within the bastion at the time of the rebellion. Interviews and investigations will be held to determine which citizens remained loyal to the NCC. We ask that when you come to the gate for inspection that you submit any information about your whereabouts or the activity of others during the period of upset. We will also accept witness statements from other upstanding citizens as to your conduct which can be sent to the OIM Executive