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  1. Strider

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    Nice green 

    1. Peaches


      hardest part of the run dog

    2. Strider


      Praying for your success 

  2. Strider

    ISF Feedback

    @PeteGG Yeah, we're not supposed to all be "nice" and "cool" to talk to. Most of the ISF are IC supposed to be power-tripping assholes, so I would say this is fine. You called him a dumbass and he tazed you as punishment, you were not arrested or anything just got "roughed up" so to speak. It is also nice that some of us are nicer to civilians and willing to talk to them more on equal grounds, we're not all supposed to be the same and that leads civilians to preferring to speak to certain officers - which is a thing I like. I honestly think that situation was not really that bad.
  3. Strider

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    Praying for rain ☔

    1. Panic


      Perhaps rain will come ⛈️

  4. Strider



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    2. RickVIce


      He does live in Honada

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    4. blundeag


      Where did u get this picture of me 

  5. Strider

    NVL Time suggestion

    A whole 2 minutes for someone to tell their boys on discord exactly where they are being robbed at. I'm good, people stall for long enough as is.
  6. Strider

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    Fucking called it
  7. Strider

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    Call the Sprite people 

  8. Panic

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    The profile banner 🌠 my heart 💔

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    3. Riggs


      Like cottage cheese

    4. blundeag


      Invest in this hand meme and then touch your face for maximum profit! :  MemeEconomy

  9. Strider

    Real life picture Thread

    The slight smile is a lie, I am not happy.
  10. Shoutout to @marvolo @CUDA for coming in today as the new Powerhouse of the Bastion. Good to RP with the two of you finally. @Jimmy @Wong @Shortround @NikoRP for the short notice VIP escort. @Panic The most loyal partner one could ask for. And a lot of other people that were there today that I cannot recall. Pretty good event(ish).
  11. Strider

    Top Quality RP

    @West use that thread in the future for these kinds of posts The bulletin board is for In-character postings that people could read and use in game.
  12. Strider

    Share your screenshots!

    The hand that slaps
  13. Strider


    that shit crazy we have catgirls now
  14. Strider


    Ratio'd by me posting about the superglock @Cipher

    1. Cipher


      What is even the point of trying 

    2. Strider


      I gotta double my efforts sorry 

    3. Arshz


      Skrt papa

  15. Strider

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    i saw that 


    1. Panic


      No you didn't.

      This is going on your file.

    2. Strider


      Must have been the wind.