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  1. Kas

    Staff Feedback - Cipher

    Cipher helped me when I could not log in. Something in my character profile was preventing the server from recognizing I had an active character... or something like that. He went through and essentially deconstructed and reconstructed the profile until it worked. He was a lot of help and was able to get me logged in. Thanks for the help, and as stated above... 10/10 - Swell guy :)
  2. Kas

    Patch Notes | A1.10

    It is a way of adding random chances to outcomes in RP encounters. Generally the higher the number, the better the outcome. It can be used for thing like finding objects hidden nearby that are only there as a part of a DM'd story line. At least that is what dice have been for in my experience during rp. Or you know.... gambling or, tie breakers for contests.
  3. Kas

    Wipe the server

    I agree with a wipe, but out of curiosity, would the wipe take the credits from the bank and clear houses that have been purchased as well?
  4. Kas

    Staff Feedback - Wong

    This guy... sheesh, let me tell you. He breaks my website account so that I cannot log in to the game, then makes Cipher work for hours and hours to figure out what he did! Should be flogged! (might be an exaggeration) No, T'Challa... or Wong, has been great, helped me out a couple of times from being stuck, and puts up with a bombardment of questions from me regularly about rules and other game play. Tons of patience and is fun to work with too.
  5. Salem

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      SALEM! Fancy meeting you here!  😄

  6. Kas

    OIM Work Shift Notices

    Kateryna Mykhaylo - 50410 - Mortician or Groundskeeper