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  1. Salem


    My POV is the same as Rajjip's, except i was not present during the first interaction, i only heard it over comms. I was also free camming on a civ while my ISF trooper was dead from glitch and saw him attempting to jump into the ISF base. When i arrived he was being completely uncompliant and not giving a care for his life, constantly calling us pigs and telling us to fuck ourselves. He was executed for NVFL by myself, but my shadowplay has not been working recently so i have no video evidence. @Michael Vick was also caught later which @rajjip has clipped where he was caught with ISF equipmen
  2. Salem

    RP Shoutouts

    @Dushan @ProwleR @Ed @rajjip @Koto @_Zach @Arshz AMAZING Roleplay tonight. Loved shoving my hands into Dushan's chest to do triage.
  3. Salem

    Rate the profile above you

    @WeeMan Always with the dope profiles. 10/10
  4. Suspected 6th street members attempted to kill me twice yesterday in the span of 30 minutes. They also were carrying boxes outside of the slums where they were stopped and most of them took of running, we confirmed that those who ran were 6th street to my knowledge as one of our Captains walked and talked with Frankie after the first attempt on my life, and were still walking and talking with the second.
  5. Salem

    KWR 09/23/2020

    He was seen with a known member of 6th street Frankie and i made an educated guess, that since we've had suspected associates evade arrest and attempt to kill officers that he fit the MO. That's why i took the shot, as well as what i stated above.
  6. Salem

    KWR 09/23/2020

    @Tony Stark
  7. Salem

    KWR 09/23/2020

    What was told to me, is that you were suspected of having a weapon and had a BOLO. After we initiated and you ran, we kept an eye out for you. Seeing you with 6th street made my suspicion grow, and as i had been nearly killed by suspected members yesterday I took the shot, as to take you down before you could take any of my troopers down. I do apologize that it has left a sour taste in your mouth, but i was doing with what i was given and what was seen, all of which fueled my shot that took you down. That is all i have unless a member of staff needs more info from me.
  8. Salem

    KWR 09/23/2020

    I am the one who shot and killed. You had an active BOLO out on you and were suspected to have a weapon, so when we saw you exiting the slums and ran after you, we initiated. Saying "Stop or you will be shot!" As you didn't stop, me and my other troopers @rajjip @Scott Smithy opened fire, rajjip hitting you and me hitting you as well. We then sat around for a few minutes after giving our offer to the others for finding you, and made our way to the towers after @Scott Smithy RTB'd to log. While on top we see you, and seeing as we are still in initiation time and suspecting you to be armed and
  9. Salem

    Metagaming information from death

    The staff has looked over the evidence, and have had many questions answered. With all of the proof given, we have come to the conclusion we will give in the verdict. @Toxic You came into the situation and eventually got yourself killed, which under NLR means you lost all memory of what happened prior to your death, thus making the information that you gave the ISF null and void as well as metagaming. We have gone through many avenues to figure out of any way you were told IC about the information you gave to the ISF, and we have confirmed that you never received said info IC. So with that, an
  10. Salem

    Metagaming information from death

    @yourfriendmad15Please provide a POV.
  11. Salem

    Metagaming information from death

    Calling in @Toxic for their POV. As well as @Jimmy @Deadplex and @Whip to collaborate Undead.
  12. Salem

    RP Shoutouts

    @PeteGG@Toxic@Borat@Liberty@Alix The outsider roleplay was amazing, but what happened afterwards had me and @Arshz dying of fucking laughter. You'll be seeing "Dadushka" and "Boy" around allot more. "Grandpa, the machine ate my credits..."
  13. Salem


    OP injected himself into the situation. First by aiming a gun at Pete after he guns down Mula for initiating on him. Then picking up Mulas gun and trying to look his body to which Mulas friend punches him and the OP aims a gun at him. He gets gunned down and wakes up surrounded by people telling him hands up and still tries to go for the gun. While Pete may have shot the OP, he actively involved himself in a situation and was only later killed by Mula and his friends for a valid reason. Pete did not kill the OP which is what the OP has reported. Though, it could be said that Pete needed to con
  14. Salem

    Deus Vult

  15. Salem


    @rajjip Hit logs are shown in clumsy's reply