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  1. Nocheluz

    Gif Wars!!

    Outta rations for the day but +1 WeeMan
  2. Nocheluz

    Gif Wars!!

    I can't believe it! No Gif Wars? Well let me kick it off....
  3. Nocheluz

    Job Suggestions

    Job Title: Pastor/Spiritual Advisor Job Description: Someone to not fanatically, but genuinely attempt to help people retain their faith, or gain faith and hope to get them through the hard times. Someone people could talk to for guidance and to talk them down when they're feeling too on edge, or about to give up. This person could also have a psychology background to help with things like PTSD, or that could actually be a separate job- Psychologist/Therapist. Anything special you wished added for it and why: Maybe a Bible and a small room or makeshift chapel. Some communion stuff like wine, cups, crackers. A cross for the building or room if there is a designated space for it. Job Title: Salon Owner Job Description: someone who could act as barber, along with a hair stylist and mani-pedi person. These services could be available for only those that could afford them, and if they are allowed by the powers that be. Maybe it's exclusive only for them. Even in the apocalypse people feel better if they think they look better Anything special you wished added for it and why: Scissors, combs, brushes, nail polish, nail files. Gotta make do since this would be a luxury of sorts, even if makeshift.
  4. Nocheluz

    Job Suggestions

    Job Title: Nurse-R.N. Job Description: Nurse specializing in triage and emergency room medicine Anything special you wished added for it and why: Things like common drugs (pain killers both narcotic and non narcotic, antiseptic/alcohol/betadine, saline bags and IV start kits, plaster casts, epi pens, defibrillator, etc.), basic surgical supplies (needle and thread for sutures), bandages, various and sundry herbs that can be used medicinally since those more sophisticated items might not be available. A building that could serve as like an Urgent Care. Not as complicated as a hospital, but makeshift, able to handle medical emergencies. Job Title: Tattoo Artist Job Description: Ability to give tattoos on the fly in less than ideal conditions, but still do a stellar job. Anything special you wished added for it and why: bones that could be sharpened to make a needle for piercing, antiseptic, bandages, plastic wrap, like saran wrap, inks of some sort. Maybe a stand somewhere to carry business out of.
  5. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • Sasha

    We didn't always see eye to eye, but I always loved your roleplay. Good to see you again Sasha ☺️

  6. Nocheluz

    new to roleplay

    My old mod buddy! Good to see you again
  7. Nocheluz

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    • Conor

    I missed ya Conor! 😘

  8. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • Jade

    Mercy gurl! It's been awhile. I still remember Cupid, Ivy and you on our day long trek. Fun times! 😁

  9. Nocheluz

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    • WongRP

    Is this  Lucia's favorite Asian persuasion? 😄

  10. Nocheluz

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    • Mugin

    I heard you got some Meen Muggin Lovin, kek! 

  11. Nocheluz

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    • Aiko

    Konichiwa sista! Haven't talked to you in FORever! Missed ya 😘

  12. Nocheluz

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    • Kattica

    Oooo sistagurl! I finally made it here. They need to give you a finder's fee, lol 😘

  13. Nocheluz

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    • marvolo

    Do I know you by another name? If so holla, I'm on  hunt to find my old, beloved peeps. But if we don't know each other, I say hi and glad to meet ya sir! 🙂

    1. marvolo


      you know me from long ago. come online on steam some time, we'll talk 🙂

  14. Nocheluz

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    • Hood

    If this is the Hood I think it is, it's good to see ya. I still remember Roman sending Catalina out with you to show her the ropes 😁

    1. Hood


      tis be

  15. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • CUDA

    Such a good host and welcomer Cuda. It really is good to see you again 😊