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  1. Nocheluz

    One IRL Fact About You

    I knew that These are cool, I truly wouldn't have guessed these tidbits on some folks. Me: I'm very "light skinned" as they say, but I'm black too.
  2. Nocheluz


    Well you both did a great job!
  3. Nocheluz

    Rate the Person Above You's Character Profile

    10/10 Interesting backstory, fits with the lore and well chronicled. Love the character pic and the accompanying music. Noice Lad!
  4. Nocheluz


    Love the gansta vibe! Good job on this character.
  5. Nocheluz

    Gif Wars!!

  6. Nocheluz


    Hells yeah I'm trolling profiles, trying to find my old friends 😄

    1. Aiko


      ... You could ask me you silly

    2. Nocheluz


      I never thought of that, plus I'm sure I'm freakin some folks out, lmao!

  7. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • Preacher XIX

    Do you like Nacho cheese? Your answer will prove your identity....

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, carry on and good to meet you 😎

    1. Preacher XIX

      Preacher XIX

      Haha i love nachos cheese but my friend I have no idea what ur talking about u have the wrong preacher 😉 I run the pawn shop drop by some time .

    2. Nocheluz


      Ah well guess I got me a new Preacher 😄.

      Pawn shop you say? I will definitely come visit when I get in game. Nice to meet ya!

  8. Nocheluz

    One IRL Fact About You

    Pretty simple- tell us one IRL thing about you that we would never guess by reading your posts, or casually talking with you in Discord, etc. Me- I write erotic horror stories and various types of poetry.
  9. Nocheluz

    Not In My Living Room

    Time for a new forum game! Of course I found this. I didn't create it. Thought it might be fun In alphabetical order, list things you would NOT like to find in your living room. I'll start with A - next person do B next C -> D - etc. After we hit Z we'll start again from A.You can use a whole sentence as long as the first word remains in alphabetical order. Assholes- I mean who wants an asshole in their living room Ok, next is B
  10. Nocheluz

    Gif Wars!!

    Coming in hot!
  11. Nocheluz

    Roast the person above you

    Kaleidoscope ass!
  12. Nocheluz

    SITREP 012 | 9/5/2020 | Rats

    Whew Lawd! Been out of town, what great news to come back to. And those screenshots and videos/stream tho! Excellent work to all. I wanted to watch the whole 7 hours of that stream, lol Seriously, well done gentlemen!
  13. WeeMan

    • WeeMan
    • Nocheluz

    Blue now 👀

    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) GIF | Gfycat

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nocheluz


      I know that's right, lol Still just you and me duking it out. That's alright, we gonna keep the mutha turned out! 😎

    3. WeeMan



      Its war!


    4. Nocheluz



  14. Nocheluz

    Rate The Song Above You

    Okay now...had my head bobbing a little. That beat grew on me. 8/10