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  1. Hex

    The super glock (modded weapon suggestion)

    +1 we are in 2040, we should have pack-a-punch machines.
  2. Hex

    Loading Screen Snippets Contest [ENTER HERE]

    Lore: AION is 50% not made of people
  3. Hex


    As the video evidence clearly shows, Diverse displayed disregard for his character's life. Surrounded by multiple ISF officers he was tased, unconscious, and cuffed. He then immediately attempted to break free of his restraints upon regaining consciousness despite the fact guns were pointed at his head and demands to cease were being made. Salem and the others showed generous restraint and gave multiple warnings before using lethal force, more restraint than our rules demanded of them in this scenario. However, they were eventually forced to execute Diverse or risk his character escaping which
  4. Hex


    Calling @Shortround @Jimmy @T'Challa Please give your PoV's of the situation. @Shortround you initiated on the slums with a megaphone before DART made their way back into the slums and the OP's situation happened. What did you say in your initiation.
  5. Hex


    14.09.2020 1:26:21 Sassy <4940, 4153.4, 11.0017> killed Paul Sanchez <4939.85, 4155.06, 11.0017> with FN SCAR-H from 1.6632m 1:20 AM R.E.D. Level ONE is now in effect. Lethal force is now authorized on anyone found in the streets. All civil privileges are now revoked, do not resist, run at or in any way interfere with the ISF or you will be shot. So from logs, the initial RED level 1 messages went out at 1:20AM and persisted being pushed out to let everyone know what was going on over and over. You no doubt saw these messages yet stayed outside still? May I ask why
  6. The man known as John Doe started life as normal as one could be. At first finding the daily grind to simply be 'one of those things' that everyone had to deal with. He went on to become an engineer through collage and worked for a number of different companies. However as tensions in the world grew, work became increasingly scarce as the Bastion program continued to grow and expand. Figuring it was a better job then any, he joined up with the newly created NCC and worked on the further designing and planning of the creation of the Bastions themselves. However as tensions flared one fina
  7. Hex


    So reading through the prior report and your post here and we've come to a conclusion. Despite the original report being for NVFL, you incriminated yourself in the report by admitting to going back to the area in which you died rather quickly. Yes you may not have looted your body but from a purely objective standpoint it could be argued that you were going back to loot your body. Either way you were detained by ISF once getting to the rocks and RP occurred. You should not be going back to the area in which you died for while realistically, I understand that dying in specific parts of the
  8. Hex

    Increase filter lifetime

    Adding charcoal tablets to a filter should be a 1-1 ratio currently ( If its not broken ). 1 tablet = 1 minute. So it will be kinda a pain/expensive to refill a filter, but its to balance things out and make the outside more of a temporary stay rather then a permanent living place. Think of the outside like Tarkov raids, you gear yourself up, head out to go loot for a while before returning home.
  9. Hex

    Increase filter lifetime

    Hm, may be a bug then, but perhaps.
  10. Hex

    Increase filter lifetime

    You should be able to refill the filters with charcoal tablets.
  11. Hex

    SITREP 012 | 9/5/2020 | Rats

    This is also where we reveal we have added invisible bloodsuckers from STALKER and modded in the actual Rat King from The Last of Us 2, all to put them in the sewers to munch on unruly citizens. Have fun. No but seriously, sewers look great and cant wait for people to explore the vast undercity of the Bastion!
  12. Hex


    I'd generally agree with most things here for sure, but there are often times deeper ramifications to certain things. Vehicles would be amazing, having Expansion or whatever to allow ISF to use helicoptors or armored vehicles would be amazing....until DayZ breaks and an armored vehicle bugs out while carrying a full team of ISF and shoots it into space....only to land in the slums where its ransacked by players haha. DayZ and vehicles has had a shit relationship for a while. Though I'd love to see this come into play sometime for sure.
  13. Hex

    Bastion fake ids

    This has been an idea for quite a long time and one we certainly wish to implement in the further future when we knock out most of the big things on our lists. Being able to have some sort of ID spoofer or just a fake ID that you buy or get through some sort of black market dealer/trader seems like it would be an interesting way to keep savvy criminals somewhat safe.
  14. Hex

    concealable vests

    This has been a concept of mine literally since the start of BastionRP nearly a year ago. My idea is by using a plate carrier or stab vest on a jacket or other 'jacket like' top that one could feasibly hide something like that under, it would delete the vest and give the jacket armor value akin to the value of the vest. This could be pretty useful for civilians who want some undercover protection. This along with a number of other things are specific items I'd really love to push into the server.
  15. Hex

    Crafting menu

    We originally intended, and somewhat still do, to include 'crafting books' that will non consumable and used in specific recipes. Things like guns or other high value items will at some point probably require these books and more or less push players into 'specializing' in the things they have books for to sell to other players. If I have the book required to craft AKM's or AK rifles, I'd pretty much be one of the few sources of such rifles and players who want these will probably come to me to create them. A basic example but the general idea of what we would want for higher tier c