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    OOC Communication Rule Discussion

    Like others have said ad nauseum it's pretty impossible to fully enforce with accuracy, I'd say just do the "You have to double mic" thing, or have a radio in your inventory. I've been in quite a few communities over the years, even for other games and literally every single one that had that rule, I broke it and most others did too. Not feasible to enforce, so just meet in the middle and do it like how does it.
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    The Monkey Repository

    An excellent monkey
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    Music Thread

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    The Monkey Repository

    Monkey pictures, gifs, Videos, Statistics, Facts, and anything else Monkey related goes here.
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    Go Terry, Go Terry, Go Terry!





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      TempleOS is a programming masterpiece.

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      Fuckin' glow in the dark cia 

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    Music Thread

    Corbin looking like a Tarkov Scav
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    Probably the most boring XXL list in years lmao 2020-xxl-freshman-class-cover.thumb.jpg.3932e762c18a746c794f8800af90b43c.jpg

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      That's pretty decent 

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      2016 was the best but Rod Wave is the move

    4. Mula


      2013, 2016, 2017 are all goated, last few years have been lacking a lot though. 

  9. Mula

    Music Thread

    Necroing this
  10. Mula

    Vendor/ Trader System

    I like it. I know literally nothing about what it would take to develop such a thing but one could imagine that at least some of the basic frameworks shown for the questing/trading system show by Cipher before could be a good reference point for something like this. +1
  11. Mula

    Gif Wars!!

  12. Mula


    For The People
  13. 2008-2026 Vinny Sosa was born in Chicago in 2008. Coming from a low income environment and an even lower income family, he had to hustle just to help keep his family off the streets from a young age. He did so with his cousin Calvin for the most part, the two were practically brothers rarely seen separated. They ran drugs for a while, eventually graduating to guns and sticking other dealers up. This went on for a number of years until the pair were in their early twenties, at this point having made a lucky living with an unknown expiration date on it, but it paid well enough so they weren't going to stop anytime soon. Eventually they graduated to selling throwaway guns for locals in Chicago, guns that either had heat already on them or were "one and dones" so to speak. It was enough increase in profit that the pair were able to provide for their respective families enough to get them out of the area, doing at the time, what they thought was the right thing by them. 2027-2035 2027 was when all of that changed, all the chaos that followed, the bombs, the infected, in all of the tragedy that ensued both Vinny and Calvin lost their respective families and only had one another to look out for in all the madness. In some ways, the quick death their families got was probably the most humane ending they could have hoped for, because as the pair found out, in this new world, most people meet far less quick deaths. For a few months the pair scraped by, usually by stealing or robbing from other survivors on the road, doing whatever they had to in order to survive. The infected were rampant in the midwest, and while the pair had firearms, ammunition wasn't plentiful, so they began moving out east where there would hopefully be a lesser amount of them. Instead, the pair were greeted by a truck full of ISF officers, and guns in their face. They were escorted to a Bastion on the East Coast, and remained there for several years, still getting up to their old antics where they could. Simply put the Bastion wasn't the nicest place, so once again, the pair schemed, scammed, robbed, and jugged their way out of poverty in their new environment. They formed a small gang that remained on the shoreline of the Bastion, and took on the name "The Bilgewater Boys". They would rough up local shop owners for tax, trade in makeshift small arms, deal in drugs, whatever they could do to turn a profit. This earned them the ire of the ISF who eventually got into a standoff with the Bilgewater boys in the fall of 2037. Knowing that their makeshift handguns, knives, and single hunting rifle wasn't going to be much of a match to a DART team armed to the teeth. In the midst of Vinny yelling, trying to negotiate terms of surrender, someone on either the DART team, or one of Vinny's hire ons misfired, sending the first shot off. That single mistake would be followed by volleys of shots from both sides. It was a massacre, a couple of DART lay dead on the ground, but nearly all of the Bilgewater Boys were killed in the gunfight, including Calvin. 2035-Present Inconsolable over the death of his cousin, Vinny threw his hands up in defeat and was taken into ISF custody. The questioning went on for what felt like forever, for which Vinny was mostly vacant for. Eventually, he was given a smaller sentence, as he didn't fire any shots during the engagement, and was the only one attempting to negotiate terms of surrender. He was given three years in a labor camp, followed by being moved to a new Bastion potentially under more scrutinous surveillance and regular check ins from the ISF officers, acting as "parole" officers of a sort, so as to not resume "Bilgewater boys" activities upon his release. Now, with his term in the labor camp up, alone, and being newly assigned to BKG-023, Vinny can't decide if he want's to carve a new path in life, or reform the Bilgewater Boys in new territory...
  14. Mula

    Jared's Stick Man Drawings

    Art of this quality brings men to tears. Request: Can you draw a stick man me beheading a larger stickman named Law