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  1. Whip

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    honestly this is what yall get for being cheap and refusing to support the dev costs everyone wants new shit added weekly but no one wants to kick in. your all ops thank you @Cipher for fronting all the fundage for our enjoyment and I got 250 on Bastion 2.0 quote me
  2. Whip

    Add the Armalite Bible to the loot table.

    is that what that book is for ? I've been finding it and throwing them in the oim machine for 25 credits. oops
  3. Whip

    Abuse of Game Mechanics : 11/11/20

    Location: Grangers Fish Shop , Next to the bus Station Time and date of the event: 11/11/20 In-game name and allies involved: Xena and Johnny Blaze Name of suspect(s): Unknown Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Multiple witnesses Detailed description of the events: I was Roleplaying around the bastion talking to some regulars that I talk to daily. I see some guy being talked to by the Isf and they let him go and he beelines up to me and says, "You got a lot of enemies now, you know that?" and "You stole that restaurant from the Chinese man" . I tell him that I
  4. Whip

    Patch Notes | A2.6

  5. Whip

    Patch Notes | A2.5

    You got 2 hours before I log on. This is a threat. I'll poison the server with my delicious fish
  6. Whip

    Patch Notes | A2.5

    MFW there's no fishing update
  7. Whip

    Aion powder machine

    easy peasy if they can make instant potato's then why not instant ion Place body in compactor, Crush said body into little bits Dehydrate little bits, crush and mix with other ingredients. Package and give to populous. populous adds water and drinks boom soylent green
  8. Whip


    there is no definitive list, most things are decided on IC if they are allowed or not and things are made legal IE; if you have a license for them or a business license that requires those said items
  9. Whip

    RP Shoutouts

  10. Whip

    ISF Raiding/Searching

    yeah this sounds good on paper. until the people who purposefully watch for ISF to get on to stop robbing ppl just log off so they never get raided. Easy peasey lemony squeezy. If the ISF have the intel that your a dirty scumbag criminal then you get raided on their time, not yours
  12. Jimmy



  • Whip



    Me trying to roleplay after the server after the ISF is aced up and run out on a muh fuckin Tuesday

  • Whip

    Discord flaming

    I'm all for having a healthy argument and ill put up with a bit of flame , but whether you meant to flame and dox me in the capacity of a developer its your staff rank and everything you say while wearing it carries that weight. And whether or not people know the context behind what you said it was a clear attempt to dox and flame me. I think the staff team has all the info they need . I will only respond when requested from a staff member.
  • Whip

    Discord flaming

    so its ok for a staff member to actively flame/dox someone , because you know it'll piss me off? Its not your job as a developer to police what I say and protect the community, Ill take my points where I deserve them. but as a staff member this beyond egregious I would ask that this report be handled at the highest level as this is a very clear breach of the community standards a clear line needs to be made regarding staff members and using personal information to attack users in your community in a public forum.
  • Whip

    Discord flaming

    Location: Discord Time and date of the event: 9/30/2020 In-game name and allies involved: none Name of suspect(s): @K-Jack Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: I was offering my discontent with the decisions made to allow the CLA to overtake the bastion and in effect throw the bastion into chaos. Kjack jumps in talking about noone should engage with me as I'm just stirring the pot. I tell him to stay mad and ask if anyone had applied to the shit lore characters, and he fires back with the above gem. which is clearly a personnel