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    Emmanuel Jacques will be there.... and there will be many deaths.
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    My name is Stewie, more commonly referred to as Sir, Master, and Commandant. I've had alcohol poisoning 2 times and I'm 19 years old, aka I will beat you in a drinking competition. I came from places like Dayzrp, The red zone, etc. I have a very "unique" African American rebel character that will make you cry OOC wise if you ever get into a hostile situation with him. (Im not kidding) @javenlovell on instagram hmu javen_l on snap...hmu First impressions are important and right now I feel i'm doing a shit job, just bare with me Might get banned within the first 3 weeks of being here, imma make the best of it. (im half kidding) I love you all If you've read this far I promise I'm not on meth My favorite color is blue If 0 degrees celsius= 32 degrees fahrenheit, does 0+0=64 degrees? Can't wait to make many relationships w/ the fine people of BastionRP. Thank you. This one is for the ladies... "If the coronavirus doesn't take you out.... Can I?"
  12. Slavery In Haiti/ The Tonton Macoute In the 1920's-2000's, slavery was quite popular in Haiti. It was not legal, but the government didn't do jack shit to oppose it. They didn't have the men, and they didn't have the right economy. A notorious African Rebel Tribe, called The Tonton Macoute, fought to overthrow slavery. They fought to overthrow any sort of Political government. They had the men, and they had the spirit, but they did not have the right economy or firepower. They had ways of solving this. If you opposed them, they would find you. And if they found you, they would kill you. If they thought you were fit enough to work, they would sell you off, for poetic justice. In return, they bought weapons, and necessary supplies. Early Life/ Sold By The Tonton Macoute Emmanuel grew up in Jacmel, Haiti. He lived in a fishing village, with his mother and father. He was an only child. He learned very early on, what it was like to truly be hungry. He learned what it was like to truly be thirsty. His family was quite poor, but the village was quite happy. One afternoon a large force of militant fighters invaded the village, and started shooting people. Anyone who was not fit to fight, was executed. Anyone who was not fit to work, was executed. Anyone who tried to fight back, was executed. They explained themselves as the Tonton Macoute. They were fighting to end slavery in Haiti, and to get rid of corrupt governments. Emmanuel's parents tried to talk back, and refused to fight for this cause. They were both executed in the street. Emmanuel was still a small child at this time. He was not fit to fight, but he could still be a valuable resource. Apparently the Tonton Macoute had an outgoing alliance with the Burundi Tribe in Africa. Him, and a large quantity of other men, were put into transport. In a few months, Emmanuel found himself in Uganda. Burundi Tribe Emmanuel nearly died many times in his Slavery transport expedition. He was about 7, when he arrived in Uganda. The new climate was nearly unbearable. He had to walk for many weeks. He had no idea where he was going. He heard many many gun shots in the distance during the journey. Life was hell, and the people escorting him and a few dozen more men, were absolutely brutal. Eventually, they got to a encampment in the forest. He could hear the war-chants and singing a mile before he got there. The people he met, were the Burundi Tribe. They were a mercenary company, and fought for independence. Similar to the Tonton Macoute, they believed the governments of Africa were corrupt, and unfair. Normally, the Burundi Tribe would just behead any man they found that was not African. Emmanuel was lucky his parents were actually Immigrants from Africa. He knew Afrikaan terminology, and had a thick African accent. These traditions only grew, once the Burundi Tribe took him in. His New Bruddas Life was hell. Emmanuel was quite miserable for a while... He had thought after being separated from his parents, it would never be the same. When the Burundi Tribe took him in, it was like he had found his new family. His true family. They trained him to be a soldier. They trained him to be a warrior. Like all members, he had to pass an initiation test. This test, was taking 3 lashings on your back, with a large piece of bamboo, from every soldier in the Regiment. If you failed the initiation, and fell to your knees while being whipped, you were executed. In a singular day, Emmanuel passed the test and took 72 lashings on his back. This was only the beginning, of the things he experienced. It was only a small part, of the things that would make him a fucking warrior. He learned a Guerilla Style method of fighting. His entire childhood consisted of warfare. While it might have been hard, he never pussied out. He had a constant fuel to keep pushing. The Burundi Tribe was fighting for something bigger than themselves. Emmanuel finally wanted to know what it was like to be independent, and wanted to help destroy the corrupt governments. It was the Haitian corrupt governments that got his family killed, and the people he was fighting were no different in his mind. Downfall... The year is 2027, and the Burundi Tribe just got an exciting offer. As they are a mercenary company, they were quite used to warfare. Some Russian forces contacted them and offered them a job to overthrow a Chinese military base containing heavy artillery. Emmanuel had time to become a worthy soldier, and battle-tested many times over. They accepted the job, and within weeks were on an entirely new continent. It was time. Emmanuel and the rest of his squad were prepared to go kill some Chinese fucks and get their money. Sadly, this didn't go as planned. They managed to infiltrate the base, but found themselves heavily outnumbered. Turns out, the Russians didn't need them to take the base, it was just a distraction. While Emmanuel and his companions were being slaughtered, Russian and American forces were practically laughing, taking advantage of the situation to get better positioning in the region. The Burundi Tribe managed to make a tactical retreat, but this ended up being one of their biggest mistakes of the entire event... Slavery Once Again After Emmanuel and his brothers retreated from the Chinese encampment, they were met by UN forces. They were just used as literal body bags for others' military advantage. Of course the Burundi Tribe was furious, but it wasn't like they could do anything. They were marked POW's, and were really discriminated against because of their African Rebel origins. They were transported from Bastion to another, working as slaves. Emmanuel is not one to be oppressed, and to this day he seeks redemption. The year is 2040, Emmanuel is now a "free" man. After serving over 10 years as a POW, he gets to... survive, like any other civilian. Unfortunately, he's a natural born killer. Hit List Friends/Foes Goals
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