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  1. Yes, Yes, YES! Can't wait, I'll be there for sure. ISF UNITE!
  2. VinegarStrokes

    Why hello there. ;>

    Sup @Militus, happy to see a friendly face around here.
  3. VinegarStrokes

    Your Superior Has Arrived.... Hello.

    Hello superior, I am inferior nice to meet you.
  4. VinegarStrokes

    Hello BastionRP

    Welcome! Glad to have another familiar face here.
  5. VinegarStrokes


    Nice to meet you Dodge, I am Anavar.
  6. VinegarStrokes

    Hello there!

    Welcome bro! Hope to see you in Closed Testing sessions soon. They're a blast, and this community is definitely the most unique one in terms of roleplaying that I've come across.
  7. VinegarStrokes

    Real life picture Thread

    I identify as a homiesexual.
  8. VinegarStrokes

    Let's Go!

    Appreciate it and will do!
  9. VinegarStrokes

    Let's Go!

    I was once on the cover of Play Girl magazine for the March 2004 edition for that tiny arm.
  10. VinegarStrokes

    Let's Go!

    Thank you very much! Appreciate it bro! Hope to see you running through out there @Lil Stevie! Absolutely not, that would be incredibly immature and extremely inappropriate.... That being said... Hey qt
  11. VinegarStrokes

    Let's Go!

    First and foremost I have been literally reading everything I can about the lore, and I am so stoked! Can't wait for this server to kick off, and I am extremely honored to be a part of the community you all have and are building here.