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  1. Hood

    One IRL Fact About You

    I'm a mechanic.
  2. Hood

    False ID, KWR, No Initiation

    @Rat I was not speaking to anyone directly involved, Undead was in the area but we were not playing together. I was not asking for backup or anything just making an off handed comment to friends I was talking to.
  3. Hood

    Tabletop RPG's

    I haven't been in too many campaigns but one of them still holds true to my heart as Arthas Daycrest. A human paladin that speaks abyssal. The first pic is art done by THE @CUDA .
  4. Hood

    False ID, KWR, No Initiation

    Location: Slums Time and date of the event: 09/12/2020 12:30-1:30ish MDT In-game name and allies involved: Hood/Alexander Blanter Name of suspect(s): kacperb200, Gouldy63 Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Video time stamped at point of me being cuffed. Detailed description of the events: I arrived near the slums when shots are going off, so I decided to stay away from said shots. After the shots died and seemed like the fighting was over I walk into the slums to walk around see what's going on and deposit some money into the bank. Shortly af
  5. Hood

    Staff Feedback- Hood

    Yo dawg, put down your thoughts on how I do here homie G. I appreciate all forms of feedback whether it be a pat on the back or constructive criticism, don't be shy now!...Word.
  6. Hood

    Rate the profile above you

    10/10 Nice selfie there. All that's missing is the broom and black cat.
  7. Hood

    • Hood
    • Evil Morty

    It's him Evil Morty.

  8. Hood

    Staff Feedback - Wong

    Performed adequately when needed in the support channel regarding slander that has been dealt with. A solid 7/10, a score that I feel there is nothing WONG with.
  9. Hood

    Rate the profile above you

    Don't worry lad, the man just doesn't understand true art or who he flamed. I am a man of the shadows after all. -Skip Me-
  10. Hood

    Rate the profile above you

    Good quality stuff lad 9/10
  11. Hood

    • Hood
    • Cipher

    u smel

    1. Cipher


      thanks 😇

  12. Hood

    One Word Story

  13. Hood

    • Hood
    • CUDA

    u smell nice

    1. CUDA



  14. Hood

    SITREP 012 | 9/5/2020 | Rats

    I smell city bois in the sewers.
  15. Event Character.