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  1. Whistleblower


    I kinda wanna do random survival games until CTS 06 but you know how bad I am with saving money 🙂


  2. Whistleblower

    • Whistleblower
    • ChaseRP

    Chase, Hurry up and become a fully fledged ISF PvP warrior god.

  3. Whistleblower


    Bro NCC Medical facilities are pretty top notch.

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.27 -

  4. Whistleblower


    Absolutely horrible that I missed CTS 05, Fucking hate working where I do. See you at CTS 06 I guess... ;-;

    1. Joe



  5. Whistleblower


    Here I am posting a status update from work... can you tell I’m bored?

  6. Whistleblower


    Can't wait to bully people as the ISF again. Happy birthday to me 🙂

  7. Whistleblower


    Reasons I should be allowed to eat pasta in the Bastion:

    1. I'm generally cool.
    2. I like Pasta
    3. I'm 0.0000000000009% Italian
    4. I like Pasta

    Thanks for your consideration 🙂

    1. CUDA


      He cooka da meatball

  8. Whistleblower


    CTS 05 hype... shame I gotta work for the first 3 hours ;-;

  9. Whistleblower


    So I work a part-time job and the Rona doesn’t help me with my co-workers leaving and giving me more hours. My new hours are posted tomorrow, I’m hoping I get next Saturday off. 

  10. Whistleblower


    A question for those who care; If you live in space, is it always day or night? 

    1. undead


      How much drugs have you smoked?

    2. Whistleblower


      56 mg of sulfuric acid and 78 mg of hydroelectric acid

  11. Whistleblower

    A Destined Meeting

    *Disclaimer, this is NOT an official character development. This is a story I wrote out of boredom.* BKG-023, the bastion that many people lived and died in. Obviously with the ISF and NCC forces the crime rate was relatively low when compared to other bastions. ISF Trooper Andrew Heller was one of those deployed into BKG-023 to promote peace and stability. Isaac Marvins was an Ex-ACR officer who turned on the ACR and helped expose plans to the ISF and NCC for his people's freedom. Who would've thought that these two would meet on the plane over to BKG-023? "Hey, you getting transferred to Korolgrad too?" "Yeah. I'm going to assist the ISF in enforcing peace and keeping the ruthless civilians at bay." "Ah, I see. What kind of ISF member are you? Officer? Squad Leader? Trooper?" "I'm a Trooper for now, my promotion was thrown up into the air after the last riot in my bastion." "Which bastion was that?" "Its the one near the ruins of New York. You know, uh... the name escapes me." "Mmm... I'm from the Sterling Heights Bastion in Zone 19." "Wasn't that the bastion with all those rebels? I thought we dismissed that bastion due to continued attacks..." "Nah, its still active and the ISF currently control it. I'm hoping that when I come back I'll find it being fully protected." The plane began to descend and suddenly touched down at the ISF military airport. "Heller! This is your stop, quit yakking with the goddamn civilians! Off the plane! On the double!" "This is my stop, it was nice meeting you... Ah, I never got your name." "Isaac, Isaac Marvins. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." Isaac offers his hand to Heller. Heller gladly shakes his hand. "Andrew Heller, I hope we see each other in the bastion. Just don't get into too much trouble you hear." "Heller, get your ass out here right now or you can clean the latrines with your toothbrush for the next three weeks!" Heller immediately bolts out of the plane, Isaac rides the plane to the Civilian airport where he is unloaded and processed into BKG-023.
  12. Whistleblower


    So... I just bought a game I didn't want, Couldn't get a refund. I think... Yeah... I'm gonna run it over with my car... Hope the tire doesn't pop...

  13. Nothin to see here folks, keep on scrolling
  • Whistleblower


    Alright, move along nothing to see here. Security Guard Pratt is here to help.

    1. Covert


      Wait a minute, this guy is an anti NCC agitator! 

    2. Whistleblower


      Calm down Citizen, I’m just the mall cop for the newly opened NCC Mega-Plex

  • Whistleblower


    Aight, boutta commit treason then 🙂 


    1. Cipher


      STAY CALM!!!

    2. Covert


      Deescalate immediately citizen