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  6. His name is Jack Barns he’s 27 and is 6'4, he is from Fort Worth, Texas where he was born and raised. Jack had a fairly normal childhood he grew up as the oldest part of a family of five. During his young years he had two major hobbies, one being that he loved football and the other that he was an extreme fan of air planes. Jack attended college at Texas A&M University where he played football and took part in flight school and minored in business. After four years at school and earning his pilot license and his degree he took and internship at Boeing, after his internship he was offered a job as a sales representative for them. Jack’s life was nothing out of the normal for the next few years, he was steadily progressing within the company. Then came one of Jack’s biggest opportunities to date he scored a deal with an airline at Berlin's International airport. After several weeks of talking over the phone and getting most things finalized, he was set to make a trip to Berlin. When they arrived, everything was normal and they were set to have the deal done by the 23rd to get home in time for Jack’s Birthday or so they thought. Jack awoke that night to the world in havoc. Being unable to return to the United States Jack's survival instinct took over and he began to head into the country side collecting food and whatever supplies he could get his hands on. Jack was aware of these so called safe zones but was on edge about them so he decide to try and survive of his own. About a month later Jack stumbled upon a NCC patrol and was taken to BMH-11 Mannheim. After a brief period there he was then transferred to Korolgrad for unknown reasons.
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