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    Howdy, New Here!

    @RickVIce thanks, hope to see you soon!, waiting and waiting haha :P
  2. waabm97

    Howdy, New Here!

    @Cory thanks
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    Howdy, New Here!

    @Skeeter McGraw thanks :)
  4. waabm97

    Howdy, New Here!

    Hello how are we all doing, ran across this from one of my friends on steam doing some research then gonna apply, see yall soon! Cant wait, to RP on DayZ. Little about me, I have spend over a year doing RP on a GTA5 Server as a MEDIC, the server I played on is no MORE, been looking for my NEW RP FIX, been playing DayZ Since it was first released, well I bought it, then lol basically for 14.6hrs in Standalone.... on ARMA2 DAYZ i got like 317 hrs... Anyhow I have 4 kids and 2 more on the way so i play when i can, work full time at a liquor store mostly nights, but I try to game 2-3 h