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  2. My name is Chase Reynolds, growing up in rural Kentucky I never really had much to do outside of working or messing around outside in the hills to keep my busy, but it was what we had and I enjoyed being able to at least experience new things. I started traveling around when I turned 18 because I wanted to get myself out there and experience the world before I had to go to college and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to become a State Trooper to help people and enforce laws to keep citizens of my state safe from people who could hurt them with their lack of heart, brains, or just sheer hatred for life. I went to the academy and graduated, now spending my time patrolling around Floyd County, Kentucky. It wasn't much of a fun job but it passed the time and made me feel special, then later on down the road, I was approached by a organization presenting itself as the ISF. They asked if I was interested in a job with them because of my experience enforcing the law and keeping order, so I accepted. After A while it was made clear as to what I was going to be doing, I would be keeping order is Bastions, or Radiation safe areas lined with Lead walls. So I get to be safe and help others be safe? Count me in! When people were actually showing up to Korolgrad though I started to get nervous as alot of people stuck in one city had to have bad effects on mental health. Afterall, the bombs and the war didn't help their mindsets. But all I could do was pray that we keep the order of this sanctuary.