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    @G19RP sorry can't hear your lil 9 mm

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    "my man just get dayzrp amnesty."


    whitename fits you

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    gay ass weeb profile

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      🤥 you hurt my feelings

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    Rainbow 6 Epic Gamers

    Welcome to the Rainbow Six thread. What operators do you main? What is your favorite op? What is your favorite map? What rank are you? What season did you start playing? Just to get to know who plays Siege here... For me, I main Zofia, Maverick, Mozzie, Jager, Valkyrie, and sometimes Glaz. My favorite map on R6 is definitely Consulate. My highest rank was Gold II because I'm ass. I started playing this season. My Operators:
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    sorry for my drunkness had a bit too many buds nowhatimsayin. anyway glad to be here

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    Echo's Customs

    Updated graphics:
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    Echo's Customs

    Appreciate yall
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    Echo's Customs

    Welcome to Echo's Customs, my personal graphic designs. I'll start by saying that I started doing graphics about 5 years ago starting out on GIMP and then moving onto Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to request some work, I do avatars, signatures, group art/emblems, etc. Below is a teaser for some of my past work. Would you like something done? PM me with the information below in that template, or post it below. It may take some time due to not being online all the time.
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    Closed Testing Session 02 | March 27th, 2020

    Very excited.
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    What's going on

    What's up... Haven't seen the role-playing side in awhile.