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  1. Stes

    In memoriam

    I was hopeful
  2. Stes

    In memoriam

    STR Daniel Slater 2015-05-26 - 10/02/2020 SGT Pavel Ceban 2017-07-22 - 10/04/2020 33% casualty rate for siu during the cla week :l (maybe missed a name from us?)
  3. Stes

    Patch Notes | A2.1

    has gene locking gates and the roles issue been resolved?
  4. A man born in New York City prior to the 'Great Flash'. Shuffled into a Bastion, spewed across the planet alongside his brother and parents. Sent all over the globe, the final destination for young Jeffrey was at Zone 7 in Italy. Growing the second half of his youth inside the walls of an NCC operated Bastion. Conforming to the new norm's of life and society. Fascinated in his endowment to the greater good of humanity. Understanding principals of sacrifice and the necessity of the NCC in his upbringings. He was a radical. He supported the government, the ISF, the OIM. His beliefs led him to jo
  5. Stes

    Outlaw external VOIP

    a mod for ISF radios would be cool as frick tho
  6. Stes

    Whitelist Closed Temporarily

    Probably not, if I'm wrong a staff member can say, but I'm sure they just have all application on hold piling up. And once they reopen the whitelist they will just go down the order from top to bottom starting since they closed. It'll be worth the wait. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Dayz mechanics and roleplay guides, as well as the rules. :)
  7. Stes

    Handcuffs that allow jogging

    Big fact +1
  8. Stes

    RP Shoutouts

    @ all the boys who held that ISF HQ like this: Had a blast today. From the raid, to the last stand, all the way to the expedition outside the walls. What a day.
  9. Stes

    RP Shoutouts

    after years of nog and crack consumption my memory is awful the oim woman and man alongside the two civie fella's we(me and @Salem) escorted from the NCC tower to the base. good fun today :)
  10. Stes


    day 22,432 of no clussy :classic_sad:

    1. Tony Stark

      Tony Stark

      I can sell you some.. but it'll cost ya..

  11. Stes

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    There are a lot of shitters, that's the issue. The balance of reporting them and banning them, or simple giving them a heads up of what they did wrong needs to be met. Every rule break does not need to be met with a report. If someones actions didn't directly ruin your day- but however was a rule break, contact staff, or take it upon yourself to pull them aside and let them know that what they did was not kosher. The player count to report ratio is fucking bonkers. I play on a server with average of 500 players a day on a 1000 cap server on GTA and they still have less daily report
  12. Stes


    women 🤤

  13. Stes

    Allow ISF to patrol slums

    someone who has been undercover in the slums several times, i kinda like the lawlessness of it. it can be mingey but it is what u make of it patrolling in the slums is a -1, isf lack the man power as is, but having checkpoints would be nice, again, a manpower thing.,
  14. Stes

    Pagans - A Concept

    These would be inhabitants outside the wall. Shunned by the NCC. Basically; the whole point of this idea would to be a threat outside the wall, somewhat of a deterrent for the average citizen to traverse the forests surrounding the Bastion as they may become spotlight in the next Pagan ritual...
  15. Stes

    Increase Respawn Timer

    I'm for both parts of this debate. Yeah, we can just ban the shitters and spend a lot of time on handling the report side. Or we can just hand-hold trouble makers so they /cant/ break the rules. I'm for either