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  2. The year was 2027, Michaels Parents had brought him up in a bastion along the east coast of America, the bastions were all he really ever knew. His father had been a well known merchant and was even heard of in bastions across the country. He would often brag that bartering, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship ran deep in their families veins, he said if he tried hard enough he could trace their lineage all the way back to medieval times where his ancestors would bring goods across the globe, in some instances helping to create great cities and supply routes. This was the business that Mi
  3. Michael Vex

    Where do I find a list of things legal to have or craft

    I'm gonna be starting as a merchant and I need a list of items we are legally able to craft or have to sell. Plez
  4. Michael Vex


    Ok so my character is going to be a merchant/shop owner. Where do I find a list of items and craftables that are legal? Also whats craftspeople etc
  5. Michael Vex

    Whats Up!

    I have been looking...for so long..for a server like this...You all have no idea... I cant wait to start honestly, it has alot of growth potential both as a server and for the individual. Im shaking happy.
  6. Michael Vex

    Applied for white listed and it gave me the 404 page.

    I just spent 30 minutes writing my whitelist application and the link was broken...it sent me to a 404 white page..