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  2. WeeMan

    Gif Wars!!

  3. WeeMan

    BastionRP Open Alpha Releases August 21st, 2020

    Where we dropping boys?
  4. WeeMan

    • WeeMan
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    Just came snooping dont mind me and rip they whitenames 

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  5. WeeMan

    One Word Story

  6. WeeMan

    One Word Story

  7. WeeMan

    One Word Story

  8. WeeMan

    BastionRP Open Alpha Releases August 21st, 2020

  9. WeeMan

    SITREP 010 | 6/15/2020 | "Centra"

    Love it always happy to see a new sitrep come out happy to hear the maps been revamped be good to explore hyped for next CTS!
  10. WeeMan

    SITREP 009 | 2/14/2020 | "Surveillance"

    Nice good too be see so many items getting created and lore added be great to play and see all the hard work @ZeRoY has done on the map since the last play session.
  11. WeeMan

    SITREP 008 | 12/12/2019 | "Reprise"

    Great work love the look of the core reminds me of tom clancys the division a bit also @RoomService gj on finishing banking mod!
  12. WeeMan

    Well lads

    Welcome lad!
  13. WeeMan

    What's good

    Welcome lad hope you have a good time here with us when the servers up
  14. WeeMan

    Where is everyone?

    Kinda expected to be quiet at the moment as servers getting built but hopefully once server is up and bastions running it populates and is more active
  15. WeeMan

    What's going on