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    My soul died with server 

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      Lol :(

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    Staff Feedback-Arshz

    Hate it when that happens
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    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    Sad to see but was glad to be a part of it i remember waiting for release for over a year and when we finally got to play, it was amazing made a ton of friends and was able to even join staff and help out as much as i could which was another great experience in its self i will look out for the server returning and i will be straight back. Would just like to take a moment to thank all the mappers, devs and leads also all my other staff homies for the time and effort that was put into bastion by all of yous and was a great time sad to see it end but was a great time while it lasted and im just g
  4. WeeMan

    Player Report

    @Moth Do you agree with closing this report?
  5. Harris was always a good lad due to him growing up and being raised by his father who was a police chief and his mother who was a nurse he always was reminded to have respect for people and to treat them like how he would like to be treated he grew up all his younger life wanting to grow up just like his father and to one day fill his boots as the police chief. Harris done good with grades and keeping his physical aspects in check and always trained making sure he had good cardio and fitness at all times when he turned 21 after making sure he had a good education and was at his peak physical s
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    Configure my life please 

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      I'm still trying to do mine

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    Rate the profile above you

    Not much there to rate but i will give you a 5/10 :)
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    Patch Notes | A2.4

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    ur an old man now aye

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      Old Man GIFs | Tenor

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    yes 10/10
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    5/10 nice avatar
  13. Frank Butcher was a Scottish lad who was raised by his mother who was a stay at home wife and his father who owned a butcher and was well renowned for his shop and meats. Frank always had an interest in being a butcher since a young lad looking up to his father, he always loved the fact also his surname was "Butcher" as this was what he loved. He grew up to be a excellent butcher and worked alongside his father for many years learning and getting better. Frank not before long took over the store after his father passed away and he done a magnificent job on making sure the butchers was still w
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    Thought I should introduce myself

    Welcome hope you have a good time with us here!
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      RIP big man :(