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  1. Diggy

    Music Thread

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    Music Thread

  3. Diggy

    Music Thread

    Crunk aint dead
  4. Diggy


    3 Headed Goat



    1. Lahoot



  5. Diggy

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    A humble way to go about things. To be honest, all the early talks of Bastion only seemed like a meme. Watching it come to life over the last year was something that impressed me to say the least. Iv'e seen a lot of DayZ roleplay servers come and go, and this is the only one I feel was unique from the others. I really never thought I would install this shit game ever again when I uninstalled it years ago. This project brought that old feeling back that I experienced when I first played DayZ mod. It was easy to become fully invested, and I'm glad I could be apart of it and help in any way I co
  6. Diggy

    Abuse of Game Mechanics : 11/11/20

    Calling @Scott Smithy and @Xena Jones to post their PoVs
  7. Strider

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    I'm actually an administrator for an online role-playing community as well

  8. Diggy

    Patch Notes | A2.5

    Nice work. Cant wait to hop on and give it a try
  9. Diggy

    Another Bastion

    Your first suggestion isn't a bad one, but doesn't really fit the gameplay loop intended for our server. Basically outside is supposed to be dangerous, and with that risk comes reward. Having another Bastion for people to hide out in would defeat the purpose of going out and coming back. People would just leave the walls and set up there. The intent is for people to sneak out and sneak back in with whatever they find, and risk dying from rads. Edit: Now that I think about it, something similar to your first suggestion is in the works I believe. You'll just have to stay tuned. Your se
  10. Diggy

    Applied for white listed and it gave me the 404 page.

    It is a common error. Your whitelist went through and I can see it with the others. Good luck!
  11. Diggy

    Hi Just Starting Tonight

    Welcome to the community. Enjoy yourself!
  12. Diggy

    New player!

    Your whitelist was successfully submitted. Good luck, and hope to see you in game soon!
  13. Diggy

    Whitelist application issue

    This is a common error. Your whitelist was successfully submitted. You will be alerted if you are approved or denied here on the forums.
  14. Diggy

    Struggling in GMT

    Currently we do them when we're available and have enough of us to conduct them. Unfortunately, almost all of us are on NA timezones. Once we get some more EU applicants we can do work shifts more frequently around peoples various schedules. Unfortunately, its too difficult to schedule work shifts as everyone has various responsibilities to attend to out of game. We'd rather do them when we can than schedule them and have to cancel on people.
  15. Diggy

    Struggling in GMT

    That's our most active time zone where have you been?