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  1. Diggy

    Drugs mod

    Definitely like this idea and think it would fit perfectly +1
  2. Diggy


    When the doctor told me I had a um, I was goin' to have a plate on my chin, I said dawg didn't you realize I'll never make it on the plane now? It's bad enough I got all this jewelry on. You can't be serious man 😑

    1. CUDA


      wow he spittin

  3. Diggy

    Increase Respawn Timer

    30 minutes is pretty reasonable considering the chaos going on lately. This will allow people to take a short break and evaluate their decisions in hostile situations. If someone is RDM'd or KOS'd a report can always be made. Realistically, DayZ Chernarus has a built in 30 minute timer as most of the action and RP takes place up north. With the Bastion being small and chaotic, I think 30 minutes is a good amount of time.
  4. Diggy

    Breaking into ISF HQ

    Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Calling @Josh Dicky and @Scott Smithy to this report to post a PoV
  5. Diggy

    Breaking into ISF HQ

    @rajjip Can you please update your report with your timezone so we can get accurate logs?
  6. Diggy

    Staff Feedback- Diggy

    Thanks for the compliments buddy. Always here to help. Glad to have you here
  7. Diggy

    Randomly stopping

    I noticed this as well. Its quite annoying and I honestly thought something was messed up with my W key. Just randomly stop moving and have to repress W like you have described. It would be nice to know if people are experiencing this on other DayZ servers or if it's only happening on Bastion.
  8. Diggy

    Make the wasteland threatening: Zombie Modding

    I think its best if we hold off on this and trust that the Gods we have mapping will make it harder to leave the Bastion. Just my two cents. If something like this is added and then the map update comes out, people might think its not even worth going out there at all. Just leave it to the cannibals out there to give people a scare and threat to their lives
  9. Diggy

    cant join the server

    I'll send you a DM here to verify if your ID i see is linking to the correct steam profile
  10. Diggy

    Citizen Points

    It already shows your class at the top of your screen when you press P and view ID. As for having points show up, I believe that has already been suggested on here and is being considered.
  11. Diggy

    Staff Feedback- Diggy

    Hey everyone. Making this thread for people to post any and all feedback. Thanks
  12. Strider

    • Strider
    • Diggy

    YOOO my man 

    1. Diggy



    2. Cory


      Ayyy congrats Diggy!

    3. Diggy


      I'd give you a credit but Im out. Thanks @Cory🙂

  13. Diggy

    Cutting up bodies

    Yeah I definitely like this suggestion. Are you also suggesting not being able to cut up bodies with other melee weapons as well like stone and steak knives? If thats something that could be implemented I would definitely like that idea. If not, maybe at least make the timer for cutting up bodies take as long or longer than searching bodies. +1 from me however it's implemented
  14. Diggy

    Hi Guys, This is Impi

    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here
  15. Diggy

    ISF Burnout?

    I think the issue is the ISF don't know the IDs of the players they kill unless they know of them from previous interactions. Might not be 100% correct on that. Maybe a "search for ID" function for ISF only could help them hold citizens accountable after fights with them. Then of course they would have the info to file a PK request.