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  1. Sm1ley

    BadRP or GearRP?

    Location: The Slums Time and date of the event: ca 10-20 mins ago In-game name and allies involved: Jeremy Gage and no allies at that moment Name of suspect(s): Don't know, guessing some sewer group Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: I was looting the slums for tools and such, and then came across these two men with one of them having a shotgun slinged across his back, so i turned and jogged away from the scene but was quickly apprehended by the men and quickly robbed with little to no RP, the video speaks for itself, o
  2. Sm1ley

    bow and arrow

    idk if its possible, but modding in bow and arrow for a primitive weapon inside the bastion would be dope, almost like making a shiv, from scraps.
  3. Sm1ley


    Maybe have something, either a pill or a syringe that when you inject it, you will gain a little bit of defense from the radiation and not take in so much radiation as normally. Would work as a radiation prevention pill/syringe and not a radiation treatment pill/syringe
  4. Jeremy Gage - 51778 - Disposal Assistant
  5. Sm1ley

    Struggling in GMT

    I agree with you fully, 100%. Getting points is a pain in the ass from my experience at this point, and since OIM don't seem to get on in EU times, it makes working even harder.
  6. Jeremy Gage, born in 2018 to a loving family in New York. He had a pretty decent upbringing, he was just a kid before the 2027 world war 3 started. The government were notifying people to move to the closest bastion of east coast America, to protect families and people from the inevitable war that was coming. At the time when bombs went off in 2027, Jeremy's family sought entry for the bastion early on the war and were transported there for protection of future radiation and protection from the war itself. His childhood went to growing up within the walls. Jeremy like many other kids had