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    I remember you
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    A Blast From the Past..

    Welcome to the community!
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    Rate the profile above you

    Gotta bump this thread. 7/10. I've never seen more than 3 episodes of bleach :(.
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    The Youtube Rabbit Hole

    I will continue to support this thread.
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    The Youtube Rabbit Hole

    Hey guys link your favorite weird youtube channels to binge. Popular or nah, just something that you dive into and end up never stop watching. My first link will be attributed to @Reformed Citizen
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    League of Legends

    Subtract 4 leagues from that and add a Danny+Hood and you have you. With an extra addition of a bit of exoticrainbow rage.
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    Closed Testing Session 04 | May 9th, 2020 | 6PM-11PM EST

    Super excited. Looking forwards to seeing everyone there.
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    League of Legends

    Yes ladies and gentlemen it's that time that every role play forum has where a League thread needs to be created. Please feel free to post your summoner names or anything else League of Legends related here. Summoner name : USEC Raider Server : North America
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  12. Look forwards to the next attempt.
  • Ex member of the Marines 1st Recon Battalion Charlie Locke was quick to find his career as a mercenary abroad. Following his dishonorable discharge he quickly joined up with the Off-World corporation. A small time mercenary business that had big plans to take advantage of the upcoming tensions between major countries. Locke made his own personal fortune fighting across the world in many different theaters on both sides of multiple wars. However before the bombs dropped Locke received assignment from Off-World to integrate himself as a citizen into BKG-023 where a agent from the Ministry of State Security would contact him with further details. Then the bombs dropped, the cyber attacks commenced, and the world fell into chaos. Locke found himself trapped within the Bastion, his contact never having gotten in touch with him. Over time Locke assimilated to life in the bastion, joining the ISF and with his ability to follow orders swiftly and without question, rising up the ranks quickly within his new home. Locke hides his past carefully, speaking only to his past as a Marine, and a short stint in a mercenary company. Now totally focused on his new life, he obeys the whims of his commanders and maintains order within the bastion through any means necessary.
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    Closed Testing Session 02 | March 27th, 2020

    hype hype hype
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